By Vic Vet


A wrongful conviction is a terrible injustice that is magnified when an actually innocent person spend months/years in prison or on death row. However, wrongful convictions occur when innocent defendants are found guilty in criminal trials, or when defendants feel compelled to plead guilty to crimes they did not commit in order to avoid death penalty or extremely long prison sentences.

On this case of Mubarak Bala; A self-identified Atheist from Kano State, Northeast Nigeria. Who was arrested specifically six months ago and kept in an unknown location, as though he is a dangerous terrorist. without any means to legal aid (his lawyers) for his view on a Facebook post he made, goes to show and prove a whole lot on everything bad,and all the negative backlash the country has been receiving for the past years and still receiving presently.

It has also caused an ignition of thought that most religious society/groups in Nigeria has a lot of misplaced priority and also proved the rumors that they are blood thirsty terrorist, guided by a book of confusion, blocking their brains from thinking in the right direction that benefits humanity.

To a good number of my fellow Nigerians that would be defensive on this issue based on their adherence to this religion….to justify this injustice being meted on a family man, with a new born baby in the care of his wife who was still under post-natal care, that have been refused her right to see or hear from her husband, it is actually not surprising. But to think of the unjust trauma, pains and torture, brings tears to the eyes of sane humans when being thought about.

We know his case is not the worst of such activity going on in our society, and he is also not the first that have suffered through the failed system of government that undermine/neglect the right way of doing things. But we can only hope that his case will stand out as a reminder of the failings of the same government institutions who are supposed to protect him.

As it seems, Religion poisons everything it comes into contact with.

(c) Vic Vet 2020