By Oyebami Iyanuoluwa oyeyemi

My name is Oyebami Iyanuoluwa oyeyemi, I am an 100 level student of Osun State college of Education in Ilesha, Osun State (affiliated to the university of Ibadan). I am Twenty Years old,  and I lost my parent 8 years ago, I have been doing all my best to help orphans around me. I have been been giving back to my country as an orphan.

I started an orphanage foundation to help orphans out of financial burden and depression, I receive donations and send the money to selected orphans. I started the foundation early last month and I have been able to send some amount of money to a boy who just lost her mother recently for some of his up-keeping.

The aims and objectives of the foundation is to help orphans in need, as an orphan who had lived 8 years without a parent I have come to understand that the society is not placing the needed concern and care on the orphans and that is why I am taking it as my own way of giving back to the society.

I also started a weekly podcasting for orphan, this is an avenue where I share my own story as an orphan to encourage orphans not to give up on their life. I tell my own story to encourage and strengthen them the more. I can send the links to the show if needed sir.

I also have a YouTube channel that will change in the coming month to a video life show for everyone. I have a video I did for orphans on the YouTube channel. You can check at Ezra Alagbada King.

I am presently holding a 7 days whatsApp program for orphans with the theme : OVERCOMING DEPRESSION AS AN ORPHAN. This program is also to help orphans out of depression and in my thirst for a solution I have 7 different speakers and today is the 4th day since the commencement of the program.

Nigeria is my fathers land and even though I am an orphan I have been able to start this few things with the little I have and I will be glad if some money can be channel to what I am doing so as to fast run it and also to enlarge it.

The foundation need money for the following things;

To reach out to more orphans with donations such as money, food , cloths and so on
The foundation aim at visiting orphanage home here in my state and other states of the federation
The foundation aim at having members that would be committed and this can only be achieved only when there is an expansion in the activities of the foundation
The foundation aim at visiting schools both primary and secondary to enlighten the young orphans.
The foundation need to be registered under CAC here in Nigeria as a registered nongovernmental foundation

For the video show I will be using this channel to reach more audience daily with my weekly talk show which is aim at encouraging everyone. Dear sir, I also need money to get a good phone and a laptop to make this work easier and faster as the foundation aim at having a platform on different social media handles.

I am always ready to give more details on anything I have here and it will be my joy if I can be selected as one of the winner for this writing contest. This will be a dream come through for me.

Thanks for the opportunity of sharing my dream with you. For my country I wish to do more. My Facebook is Ezra Alagbada king. and you can also check it up for any further confirmation.

(c) Oyebami Iyanuoluwa Oyeyemi