In Nigeria, the only time you are sure of some political presence in your community is during the build up to another elections. It is only when it is an election year that politicians remember their constituencies.

Moreover, in election’s season, the contest of willpower between a godfather and his godson or even between gods of equal fiscal strength and political influence is not novel to our brand of democracy.

Should anyone who has seen a few election years in Nigeria be surprised at the reckless show of power in Edo state between the Governor and his erstwhile godfather?

Contrary to what is being peddled by the camp of the incumbent governor in Edo state, our democracy is not under attack because two political leaders choose to dance naked in the market square. There is nothing new to watch in Edo. Nothing has changed.

As a matter of truth, there is nothing happening in the build up to the elections in Edo state that should make us lose sleep. We should be wiser. The best indigenes of Edo can do is simply watch the dance, be entertained and not lose their heads to such theatrics. The youths should resist the urge to spill blood in the defense of any politician or political party. The coming days and weeks will bring enough drama with it, especially now that Obaseki has crossed to PDP and Oshiomole has lost control of the APC. Underdogs will be required to do some dirty jobs; youths must get wiser.

In reality, what is the difference between the All Progressive Congress, APC, and the People’s Democratic Party, PDP? Are they all not two sides of a cursed coin? Who tosses a cursed coin and hopes for something good out of it? Heads or tails, the results are the same.

Whether Ize-Iyamu or Obaseki wins, what does the ordinary Edo child profit from this power tussle? That is unfortunately one question that nonpartisan persons cannot answer clearly, because it is like differentiating between a six and a half a dozen.

In 2016, Ize-Iyamu was the PDP flag bearer in the gubernatorial polls and Obaseki was the APC flag bearer and eventual winner. Now, the coin has been tossed, Obaseki now holding on to the PDP flag and Ize-Iyamu holds the APC’s; head or tail, the masses lose. It is that simple. If you think otherwise then you have not studied the Nigerian situation for long.

We played into their hands with the “O to ge” campaign in Kwara state. We were played when we thought there was much difference between Smart Adeyemi and Dino Melaye in Kogi state, whereas it was just a toss of coin and switch of places.

The Edo situation shares striking resemblance with what happened in the Kogi West Senatorial battle. In Kogi, Smart Adeyemi served two terms passed the torch to Dino Melaye and now he’s back. Maybe Obaseki will win and then Ize-Iyamu picks it up 2024 or he loses and collects it back in 2024. Invariably, it is just a flip of the same coin.

In studying the politics of Nigeria, it is easy to arrive at such a conclusion; that the game of politics is a game of interests. It is interest that divides and connects this doublefaced coin called APC/PDP. Whereas the masses may pitch their tents in the different camp of this election story, depending on whose tale is more convincing to their ears.

As the smear campaign begins and the sentiment peddling continues, while there’s little we may do about the outcome of the elections; it is clearly between the two sides and the coin is terrible; I will however advise that you do not kill yourself or anyone for them. Nothing will change in any case, a PDP government is just as evil as an APC government.

The politics of PDP and APC is from the same textbook. The people that control and fuel both parties are from the same pool, they simply switch places when the interest rate changes.

As a result, always remember that no matter how high a politician goes and however low he descends, they always manage to patch up their differences, especially once the threat of losing power becomes apparent. After all, even among thieves there is a degree of honour among themselves. No pun intended and none should be taken.