Africa holds the key for the black race

Africa must be willing to share in the blame that Black people have continued to suffer in the United States and around the world. For reasons that are obvious, we have moved around in circles, unable to make any meaningful progress. We have squandered every opportunity we have had to build a continent with functional systems and institutions. All over black Africa, the story is the same – hunger, squalor, underdevelopment, broken systems and institutions, underdeveloped or nonexistent infrastructure, diseases and illiteracy and war. We have continued to blame our colonialists even when they left the space several decades ago.

Nothing meaningful or significant will happen to all the black people in all the countries in the world unless and until Africa puts its house in order. The rest of the world will continue to see black people as second class citizens and visitors and they will continue to treat them that way, with utter disdain. It is like when you go and live in the house of a rich uncle in the city. If they are kind, they will give you a room in the boys quarters. They will be extremely kind and generous if they let you live in the main house. The case will be different if you’re coming from a home as affluent as theirs. Then, they will treat you differently.

Think about it. The French live in France and the Portuguese live in Portugal. The Spanish live in Spain and that’s how the world works. No matter how long a black person lives in China, he will never be Chinese. It doesn’t matter if he eventually becomes a Chinese citizen. The real question is whether that black person can aspire to the highest office in the land. Even in the UK where black people have lived for centuries, it might never be possible for a black person to become the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, at least may be not in our lifetime.

Africa must be willing and ready to reset and change the way we think and behave. We must be deliberate in evolving a development plan that will pave the way for Africa to develop. All African countries are involved in this without any exception. One truth that we must accept, no matter how inconvenient it may be is that black people around the world will never be free or respected until Africa can get things right and set itself on the path of consistent growth and development.

Africa holds the key for the rest of the black race all over the world.


(c) Martins Itua 2020