The General Overseer of Living Faith Churches Worldwide (aka Winners Chapel) Bishop David Oyedepo, wants churches opened during this pandemic period. Obviously, “business” is bad without attendance, because attendance means direct contact, which means milking and fleecing the sheep/flock. But it seems he needs to wait till mid September or next year.

If church is not money-making venture, why not just encourage people to pray in their homes? Must they come to you to go to heaven?

When you remove money from pentecostalism, no one will be there to preach salvation anymore. Most of the “Men Of God” just sees it as an avenue to enrich themselves. That’s why most of them are complaining bitterly now. Let’s face it, it’s all about the money.

So, pentecostalism = money. But I am surprised that Holy ghost fire has not been utilised anywhere against covid-19. Not even anointing oil, bangle and all those stuff they sell. We are all waiting for science to find a solution. Our big churches that we pride in, none can produce even hand sanitizer

A distraught Apostle Suleiman, a week ago, asked FG to allow him to heal covid-19 patients. Funny. Who allowed him to perform all the tricks he has been performing in front of camera?

Then TB Joshua, the man who saw that Hillary Rodham Clinton would emerge president in November 2016 but could not see that an illegal structure he put in place would collapse, killing over 150 people, especially visiting South Africans. He predicted that the pandemic would be over by March 27, but here we are in May and we are still battling the scourge. Now he says lockdown is bad for the people. He wants his business back open.

Few days to Easter, some pastor twisted a governor’s hands and got him to relax restrictions on large religious activities to allow full Easter Church service but then, a Catholic Bishop issued a statement reminding faithfuls that church activities are still banned, then another church issued a statement, followed by torrents of public outburst on social media, and the radio. The governor was forced to rescind his decision.

Daddy Oyedepo, your business is not the only one losing money. The Minister of Aviation said today that Nigerian aviation industry has lost over 170 billion. Globally, the industry has incurred over $3 billion in losses. Oil and gas industry has also been hit.

We know that Buhari is irredeemable but no one is after the “body of christ”, a popular remark used to whip people into line.

They can help activate their healing schools and eradicate covid-19, then we’ll return to normal and everyone will be fine.

Stop the shenanigans.