By Michael Adeosun


Nigeria is a land of the most incredible. And to match this is the fact that we are a people of faith.

Great faith.

The government knows this about the people. And the people proudly announce how unshakable their faith remains, no matter what may be.

The above must have informed the decision of Nigerian governments both Federal and State to want to re-enact the “Miracle of feeding the multitude”.

That unprecedented and never again seen miracle of our Lord Jesus Christ feeding 5,000 people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes.

Recall how this 5,000 humans all ate to their fill and still had baskets full of leftover. Reference the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

With the Corvid-19 pandemic which has made governments around the world issue directives instructing people to stay at home, it has made it difficult for many people to access food. And responsible governments are providing food for their citizens who need it.

Nigerian government is no exception here. The only difference is that they are adopting the Jesus formula. They are providing 3 loaves of bread for a CDA of 60 houses. Note that each house in these localities contain an average of 8 families. An average family is made up of 5 individuals.

Mathematically, that’s about 2,400 people.

It will be a miracle to feed 2,400 people with 3 loaves of bread. But it is possible if we have faith.

Government of faithless nations simply do their maths and apply logic. They are rational in their rationing of food to their citizens.

Those ones are of little or no faith.

We, are people of great faith.


Michael Adeosun (c) 2020