By Michael Adeosun


As you make your bed so you must lie on it….

The truism of this saying is now hitting home with Nigerian politicians and looters.

There definitely is no where to run to.

No where.

Not America.

Not the United Kingdom.

Not even with all the loot in their possession.

The NHS in the United Kingdom will definitely not spare an hospital bed in exchange for all their money at this critical time. Their own citizens are far more important and worth more than a thieving billionaire politician from anywhere in the world.

With the Coronavirus pandemic hitting the UK like it is in every country around the globe, the NHS is working at full capacity. Virtually every bed in every hospital is taken. Every hospital personnel is on ground.

There is the plan to create a 4,000 bed temporary hospital in London in response to the demands of Covid-19. And 250,000 volunteers are needed to support the human resources already on ground.

We are here talking about the best healthcare system in the world. The NHS.

It is the same or similar scenerio in most developed countries with a good public health system.

This pandemic is hitting every part of the world. From China to South Korea to South Africa to Nigeria.

This virus is no respecter of person. It is infecting everyone and anyone. From Presidents to Prime ministers to Senators to Celebrities to Bus drivers to Gardeners.

Now, every country can only rely on it’s own existing health system. And the citizens, high and low will have to fall back on the existing hospitals.

Nigerian politicians who would in the past have flown out to London to treat constipation or common cold will now have no choice but to use that health system they failed to develop. When they get infected by the virus, they will have to use the hospital facilities they help provide.

Apparently, everyone is in this ship together.

The looters are bound to stew in their own juice now.

As you make your bed….


Michael Adeosun (c) 2020