By Al Akhigbe (Farmer Al)

There’s a certain quote that’s drawn the ire of some black people for the affront against their intelligence. It says,

“The best way to hide something from black people is to put it in a book.”

The rhetoric, they argued, doesn’t hold true anymore, because, black people are now breaking grounds in every areas of academia. Besides, the ability to read doesn’t necessarily guarantee knowledge. I’m not even about to join that issue. I’m just trying to see beyond the “READ” part and talk about the “HIDE” part.

Why would anyone even contemplate hiding something from the black man if he’s not up to something dubious?
Because, knowledge comes as a result of information. To keep away information from a people is to deny them knowledge. Lack of knowledge is food for ignorance. Ignorance ensures easier manipulation and subjugation of a people.

See? Ignorance is a weapon in the hands of oppressors. It was the weapon, not guns, that the white man used to manipulate and subjugate our ancestors.

Sadly, our political and religious leaders have borrowed a leaf from them. They’re using it effectively against their own people.

The government is keeping information from the people and the church is hiding information from the people. Why? To make it easier to subjugate the people.

I give you an example: when a tradition forbids people from knowing what’s behind the big masquerade, what is it for? To keep the people from knowing that it’s an ordinary human being that went into a room and changed into a costume! If people know this truth, the masquerade will lose its faux awe-inspiring quality.

So when a church restrict people from questioning what they teach, It’s to protect themselves from people knowing the contradictions and repugnance.

When a government is against the freedom that social media brought, it’s because they don’t want their lies and proganda to be exposed.

Watch how swiftly and furiously Buharists will come at you when you dare to criticize their lord and saviour. Watch how aggressively church minions will throw prayer arrows at you when you dare to criticize their pastor.

But when I saw the little girl those Jehovah’s Witches (or is it Witnesses?) parents locked up in the house to die, my heart broke and I said to myself, we must keep talking. That child could be treated but they believed more in their cult that forbids blood transfusion. But for those people that “don’t know Jehovah” that came to rescue the Precious child, she would have died in a wicked world. My prayer is that she survives and the couple choke in their belief.

Truth is really hidden from the black man. The white man that gave us these religions have moved on. But black man is still stuck in the rut. A few people are profiting from people’s ignorance. That’s why we must keep the conversation going and opening people’s eyes to the stupidity of their religious beliefs.

Al Akhigbe (c) 2020