From May 2015 till date, the All Progressives Congress-led government has not added anything to the advancement of the so-called democracy. If at all, they have been removing every gain made, which seems like a stumbling block to their power grab strategy.

For starters, I am not one of those who believe that the charade currently being practiced in Nigeria is a democracy. No, it has no definition and has no freedom embedded in it. It is at best, a form of governance that suits those who in their wisdom or lack thereof, created it.

On social media, gory footages of wars disguised as elections are staring us in the face. People are being killed in Kogi and Bayelsa states for the sole purpose of trying to elect those who would govern them or if you like, people who would ensure they complain for another four years.

If not that President Muhammadu Buhari was so complacent because of his love for Nigeria from London, he would have curbed these ugly trends of electoral violence by signing the Electoral Act into law when it was presented to him before the 2019 elections. But the old general who rode to power on the back of now tattered integrity declined as signing such would have ensured he does not get rewarded for a disastrous four years.

He is currently getting younger while Nigerians are ageing.

But what has the APC added to the advancement of democracy in Nigeria? Perhaps, anything that will erode it.

Anything at all like the brazenness with which journalists critical of the government are matched to jail or bills that were passed through second reading on the floor of the senate with senators not knowing the content of the bill.
But how can dictators give one democracy? While the more significant dictator oversees the affairs of the country including the National Assembly and the Judiciary, his yes-men run the legislature and the judiciary.

Ahmed Lawan who denied facts that he was a rubber-stamp toy of the Aso Rock cabal stood senator down who objected to the second passage of a tax bill that they have not seen and are not fully aware of its content. Yet Nigerians seem comfortable with the whole charade. Yes, the travesty of not allowing the most senior Justices of the Supreme Court sit on the appeal filed by the opposition party. The aeroplane driving chief justice of Nigeria did not accord the country the honour of stating why such measures were taken.

So what has the APC-led government been doing since 2015? Imposing more hardships on Nigerians. Oh yes. Nigerians became poorer under Buhari. A man cannot in any way give what he does not have. It takes an open-minded person to create wealth. It takes a close-minded one to lead everyone into poverty. But as Nigerians got poorer, Buhari and his household got richer; his extended family members became billionaires overnight.

When he is not lying to the rest of the country, he is scheming of how to impose more hardships through crippling taxations. Those who call out their lack of knowledge of how to advance the country and make it progress are accused of hate speech. Like they say on social media, Nigerians must have sense by force. That is if we ever will.

Nothing makes the Progressive attached to APC more useless than the fact that while the country is stunted due to inadequate legislation, a senator obscenely overpaid through the diminishing public purse will come with bills to regulate social media and promise death by hanging for hate speech.

Which hate speech is worth than lousy governance? Which hate speech is worse than taking the people’s mandate and not doing anything with it?

Which hate speech is worse than promising a mountain but not delivering an anthill despite having the resources at hand? Which hate speech is worse than railroading millions of persons into poverty? Which hate speech is reinforcing a fraud created to diminish a people? Nigeria is the biggest fraud ever known to humankind, where the benefits of the elites are all that mattered and that of the common man. Shouldn’t all the people who made it so hang themselves?

Nigeria’s problem is not only corruption but the knowledge of what a good society is all about. Nigerians, sadly, do not know what a good society is all about. They also love their oppressors who reduce them to nothing and have done little to change their situation.