No matter what a govt. in power tells you, it is easy to know their real intention. If you observe their actions and sincerity, you’ll see the hand writing clearly written on the wall. On Tuesday, the 2020 budget presentation has once again dampen the hope of Nigerians. The budget cannot lift us to the next level Mr. President promised, let alone, life millions out of poverty. In a budget, the priority of a government can be determined, irrespective of what they say.

We cannot completely blame PMB, he followed in the footsteps of his predecessors, the ‘its-my-turn-to-chop’ elites who have no passion for revitalising the nation but are very well concerned with enriching themselves with the nation’s resources. Well, the budget is not different from previous ones – except that as the decay of Nigeria gets more stinky, budget grows bigger with little or no effect on the masses.

Let’s not even talk about the jamboree NASS gathering of yesterday and the appearance of a cold President due to excessive hard work characterised by incessant travel abroad, I hope it’s not a coded way of telling us ‘it’s time for another London medical tourism’; the alleged orderliness of the assembly than that of last year under Saraki. I guess Baba was referring to the chants of ‘Sai Baba’ by his supporters last year as disorderly.

Not to be sentimental, we can applaud Mr. President administration on infrastructural development if we use the previous administration as a point of reference. After all, we have to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea – that’s the hopeless situation we have found ourselves.

Concerning 2019 budget performance, let’s say that old things have passed away; it didn’t really make a strong impact on the masses. But in the 2020 Budget, it doesn’t look like there’s light at the end of the tunnel, even there is, i can foresee a huge devourer at the end too.

Here are a few things I don’t see deem fit in the budget and I’m entitled to my opinion: If the minimum wage is eventually paid, devourers in form of taxes, levies and dues are already waiting to take back the bonus. From VAT to withdrawal and deposit charges; as it stands, with every N100 recharge card you buy, you’re entitled to only N91 naira because of tax. No cogent reason was given other than, “Nigerians talk too much.” We can only pray that we have no cause to visit the hospital in 2020 because only N46bn was budgeted for the health of about 120million Nigerians. Meaning, N383 is available for the healthcare of each Nigerian. You see why Baba have to keep visiting London? They know that they have already collapsed our healthcare system.

We have been preaching about diversification of the economy but only N8.5bn was allocated for Agriculture and Rural Development. This is a sign of unseriousness – they cannot practice what they preach. Crude oil at $57 per barrel for 2020 doesn’t connote a preparation for unforseen fall in crude oil price. We saw crude oil fell this year from our $60/barrel benchmark to $67.20/barrel.

Our revenue in 2020 is projected at N8.155tr. Statutory transfers stand at N125bn for national assembly and N110bn for Judiciary – a national assembly budget of already ‘belle full’ people is more than than the healthcare and education of Nigerians combined and a judiciary whose judgement cannot stand. This is an indicator of where our govt. priorities lies. The cost of governance is too high here and no one is taking about it. These people disguised in senator’s clothing are a real pain to the masses. Many of them are on retirement at the red chamber after many years of being a Governor or minister.

In conclusion, the budget has said it all. Nigerians are not going to any next level, no matter what they tell you. Its visible to the blind and audible to the deaf from the 2020 budget. We know their priorities and where their heart is. They are not interested in disposing the shit their predecessor left, except to add to it. Indeed, the Budget is one with many problems.