If you like the way Nigeria is at fifty nine years old, pray that your life is like Nigeria when you turn fifty nine years old. Ask whatever deity you believe in to bestow upon you the many manifest blessings that is in Nigeria.

Its visible to the blind and audible to the deaf that Nigeria has been moving from one decadence to another since we gain our self acclaimed independence from Britain. It seems our founding fathers’ fought so hard for our independence so that they can fully activate black to black oppression.

There is not much we can point to since independence that our military and civilian government combined have been able to do. The life of the populace hasn’t been massively affected positively in any way since independence. The best way we can describe all the power transition that has taken place is that we have been moving from ‘frying pan to fire’. Say the truth, is Nigeria better than when it was a British colony? Isn’t it that the monuments and structures left by the British is either dead or dysfunctional? Doesn’t it look like the independence from Britain is an open door to a ‘chop-i-chop’ government? I’ll let you answer the questions.

The initial vision of Nigeria was crafted by young and vibrant individuals. Unfortunately, that vision has expired, we need to go back to the drawing board. We are where we are because we keep recycling corrupt leaders every election year. But, when will this vicious cycle stop? The young men who brought this multidimensional evil upon this nation are still in charge. They have strategically positioned themselves and their families in high places, hoarding and monopolising political power for themselves – as well as siphon all economic resources for their selfish gain.

In 1966, when the journey started after Azikwe, OBJ was 29 years old, Abacha was 23, Babangida was 25, Abba Kyari was 28, PMB was 24; yet these same people are still in power today, and they aren’t ready to leave at any time. Someone will ask if our youths are alive or dead, they are alive but brain dead. They prefer to be used as political hallelujah boys during elections. We might not entirely blame them, their mentality has been twisted over as long period of time that matters of national value doesn’t matter to them.

This year’s independence day celebrations should be declared a day of national sober reflection. This year alone, we have been through a lot as a nation, especially under this current military regime disguised in civilian regime led by an alleged converted democrat in tyrannic nature. As we attempt to celebrate this year’s independence, remember those the govt have unlawfully kept in prison, the various harsh treatment melted to Nigerians at airports, the families that have lost their loved ones due to the incompetence of govt. to secure the citizens, the businesses govt. polices have killed, the prevalent hunger and poverty in the land, the plenty deceit they fed the citizen with and other atrocities. To be truthful, Nigeria isn’t there yet and I don’t know when. The more we go down in the scheme of things, the more ‘shit’ enlightened nations will throw at us. There is no sign this ship called Nigeria is moving, let alone have a destination – in actual fact, its sinking. At 59 years of independence, this isn’t what we expect. Unfortunately, it only gets worse everyday.

Happy Independence Day!