Please , let’s not start what we can’t finish. We know you’re patriotic and overzealous with national issues, that’s why you even chose a man with a questionable WAEC results over technocrats that contested in the last general elections. Now you want to put us in trouble again with your big mouth. Please , let’s not bite more than we can chew.

What do you mean by ‘let’s shut down all South Africa companies in Nigeria’ in a bid to react to the xenophobia attacks on Nigerians in south Africa? No. Tell me what you meant. Even the babies in the womb knows that Nigeria has lost its power to bargain with any nation in the international community. Your President, Mr integrity, was in Japan last week to take selfies and smile with Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa. Nothing about the killings of innocent Nigerians was addressed. In fact, his next meeting with Ramaphosa in October was initiated by Ramaphosa himself; do you see how lifeless your leader is? Now you’re calling for shut down of South African companies in Nigeria. You have called your cloth rag, so, don’t be offended when another man uses it to wipe the floor.

Nigeria that cannot guarantee the security of citizens living in the country wants to come to the aid of Nigerians in south Africa? Impossible. The moment you step out of that border, you’re on your own. No one keeps track of where you’re going or if you arrive safely there. Even we in the country have included ‘safe travels’ into our daily prayer points because we don’t know who will be hit next.

Now, let’s go back to your drivel. You meant we should shut down MTN; the largest telecommunications network provider in Nigeria? Shoprite and Spar; the places your Oppressors go to oppress you? Multichoice; the one that’s helping many Nigerians out of depression because of their programs? Where will you be watching Chelsea and Liverpool EPL games from? BB9ja? Africa magic? NTA, I guess. You’re a joke.

South Africa has many things on us than we have on them; if there’s any. They can order you around as they want because your leaders already sold you to them.

Come to think of it, despite all the killings, no Nigerian is willing to  return home voluntarily. Instead more are trooping out. The only reason we can ascribe to this is that they prefer SA than this modernised hell you call Nigeria. Our international relations and diplomatic power is in chaos. Who will fix it? Definitely not this incompetent leader you voted for.

Tell the brothers in south Africa I sent my condolence.