People are just being silly!


If we ask the police to be arresting people who annoy us, you think it’s only Bobrisky they would be arresting? They’ll be arresting every single one of you! You actually think I like all of you like that much or that you don’t annoy me, just like I annoy you daily? You think you’re perfect and Bobrisky is not, right? With your daily fake pictures and fake accents on social media?


We are all annoying in our ways. But as long as we are not breaking any laws, and our being annoying doesn’t trample on anybody’s rights, we continue to enjoy our fundamental human rights.


You don’t have to like Bobrisky. If he is happy being him, how does that affect your own happiness? How does it affect you in any way? Your moral values? And your children’s moral values? Seriously. There are billions of porn videos on the internet available to your children at a click. Have you arrested all the makers? Nigerian musicians are featuring semi nude girls dancing suggestively daily, you listen to them. Foolish boys sing in praise of money and suggest they’ll do anything to get money, and you play those songs to your children daily. Politicians steal money every day and throw it your face and your children’s faces every day. Your children see beggars and hunger ravaged humans every day on their way to school…


But it is Bobrisky that is corrupting your national moral code!


It is not morals you’re interested in. You’re simply hiding your hate, bigotry and hypocrisy behind morals, whatever that is.


Please leave frivolities and face serious issues. There are SERIOUS MORAL issues right under your nose. Nigerians are poor, jobless, sick, hungry, desperate, and many are on the verge of contemplating suicide! Nigerians are getting kidnapped right in their own country. Nigerians are internally displaced in their own country. Nigerians are being burnt alive in South Africa. Nigerians are being sold into slavery in Libya and elsewhere. Nigerians are washing dishes and doing 4 jobs to survive abroad. Nigerians are struggling to pay school fees. Nigerians are in a mess everywhere you look!


Those are the pressing moral issues!

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