Why would any serious leader rather be in Japan watching cultural dancers when your mates are at the G7 summit in France? It’s getting visible to the blind and audible to the deaf that the boys are gradually being separated from the men. Some people are being left behind, inside the dust of mediocrity and corruption. If you refuse to change for the better, does anyone have to  intentionally slow down their own progress in order to accommodate you?


While president Buhari left Nigeria for Japan for an allegedly summit on African development, the Prime Minister of Japan was busy in France at the G7 summit and was busy minding his nation’s economic interests. However, this year’s Tokyo international conference on African development (which Buhari prefer to attend, instead) is the 7th edition. What have we gained from it? Well, the people have not gained anything from it, but maybe our leaders have.


While I watched theGG7 summit,  I saw the President of Rwanda, Ghana’s president and Nigeria’s former minister of agriculture under GEJ administration and now president of the Africa development Bank, Mr Akinwunmi. It was then I knew that no one would invite a lifeless l, intellectually barren leader to the G7 summit. Only those in touch with present realities and digital in reasoning are needed.


Mr. Akinwunmi cannot even win an election primaries if he contest in Nigeria, but he’s been invited to the G7. He cannot even win an election in his local govt. Why? The system is upside down and our citizenry prefer lies and white elephant promises. A system that doesn’t look at qualifications to vote. A political structure that ushered in a leader that boycotted the presidential debate. That’s why Akinwunmi with all his brilliance cannot win. I wept as I saw him at the G7 summit when his nation’s leader is busy taking pictures with children and junior govt staffs at Japan.


There is nothing we will get out of that Japanese meeting but indirect slavery. Its always a game of interest. I cant entertain you for days and not get something in exchange for all my hospitality. They’ll plung into Africa again, enslave our people economically, and disguise it as employment opportunities. They’d displace people from various projects and use all our resources to their advantage. Our leaders cannot see it because they usually cannot see beyond their noses.


We must have sense by force.