The best ministers President Buhari never hired were those that would have helped him to solve the plethora of problems facing the country and bring the country out of the hole he dug for us into in his first four years. That did not happen.

No, the president hired the same people who helped him to dig the country into a state of hopelessness, poverty, brain drain and malfeasance. It can be stated, at this point, that Buhari is the biggest problem facing the country and nothing else. Nigerians are poor and have been reduced to nothing because of the weak mentality of its leadership. It has nothing to do with the devil. Nigerians also walk into a filling station with naked fire by electing incompetent bunch like the man in Aso Rock. A country gets the kind leaders it deserves but do we really deserve Buhari and his bunch of cacophonic, irritant and largely unproductive praise singers? Your guess is as good as mine.

Incompetence breeds insecurity, poverty, joblessness, diseases, poor infrastructure et cetera. It has nothing to do with the devil. While Buhari, the man who seemed to have a road map on how to tackle the problems bedevilling the country having contested for a record three times before winning, appoints unqualified persons to run critical sectors of the country, your prayers can’t shield you or anyone from the impending doom.

I’d like to be proven wrong.

One would, for convenience sake, disregard the Nothernisation of some of the key ministries that are not only critical to our survival but important in alleviating the sufferings of the masses and expect that they are manned by technocrats of repute who know their onions in that field. No, in Buhari’s traditional fashion, they are filled by politicians whose names usually draw blank on Wikipedia except for some newspaper articles of their shouting “Buhari or nothing”. I am amused, and I can’t hide it.

I am amused because Buhari’s minister of youths and sports is 53 years old. It is a case of a multi-shaped peg in a square hole. I am appalled because the minister of finance was rewarded with that position for being a loyal girl and not because of an impressive CV in managing a moribund economy like ours. And to everyone who hopes that Buhari’s second term will bring something positive, I have bad news for you! Expect nothing but the worst.

Nations work by making projections of where they will be in 10 to 15 years to come. Buhari’s minister of education said it took him one year to understand his job. In that one year that he was blindly collecting salaries and advocating for alamjiri education in Nigeria’s curriculum, other countries like Rwanda integrated technology into their educational system. He will take another one year to understand why he was appointed a second time. What a pity!

Of interest is the case of Niger Delta Ministry. Being Former Prosecutor of EFCC, Festus Keyamo prosecuted Godswill Akpabio for alleged money laundering. But Mr Integrity has made the prosecutor a junior minister to the man he pursued years ago. I have always said that putting Buhari and integrity in the same sentence is like doing violence to common sense. It is a crime. He rewards loyal corruption at night but claims to despise it in the day.

In my short stints in project management, I discovered that for your project to succeed, you have to assign the best human and material resources to critical aspects of your projects or you will fail and will equally be sacked by the stakeholders. Buhari ultimately does not want Nigeria to succeed, and that is evident in the type of man he is and the kind of people he has chosen to work with it. Nigerians do not also know what it takes to sack Buhari, thereby creating a double-edged problem.

I mean, what is Aregbesola who plunged his state into hopelessness and owed workers for years doing as a minister? He was quoted as saying that he does not know much about interior ministry. A round peg in a square peg? Absolutely

Unfortunately, these people, as bad as they are, are going to report to an equally bad Abba Kyari who was fingered in the 500 million settlement scam with MTN and despite Buhari saying that his chief of staff will be probed, he remains the most powerful man in Nigeria and a de facto president.

What is there for me? I am trying to run away from the country, so I can equally complain from saner climes.

Nigeria is a criminal entity.

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