By Osborne Iweka

I have thrown in the towel and refrained from voicing opinion or even discussing politics as practiced in Nigeria. I gave up, not because I am immune from the maladministration that is widespread and prevalent or that I will not suffer the consequences, I had a rethink as fellow sufferers were the ones to malign and castigate any non-conformist opinion the most.

The damage and division the present occupiers are perpetuating is colossal. It cuts across every sphere, democratic structures are being upturned, infrastructural rot is still very much prevalent, economy is in shambles and insecurity is now widespread and no part of the country is safe. Let us not talk of corruption.

Elections have come and gone, inauguration was in May, we are now in August. Cabinet have not been constituted. Nominees for Ministerial appointments were only recently sent to the Senate for confirmation. This was done without portfolios attached. The confirmation exercise was more a charade in mediocrity. Majority of the nominees came in, took a bow and left. No point inundating folks with the trivialities that took place in the hallowed chambers.

The IMN are protesting. Their leader and his wife have been in incarceration, they were granted bail by court of competent jurisdiction but we are told that ‘in the interest of public good’ the government has decided to still hold on to them and ignore the court’s pronouncement. We know how Boko Haram started. IMN adherents are getting emboldened and very restive. On how many fronts can our failing security apparatus fight to salvage the nation?

To say morale of the combatants are at an all time low will be an understatement. Even the Army Chief has admitted so. With the recent allegation of secret burial of fallen combatants to cover up the escalation of the insurgency and the struggle of the military to contain them, coupled with the feeble response from government, indeed troupes morale is paper thin. With the present state of the military, IMN situation must not be allowed to fester.

In the face of escalating insecurity, community policing is now under serious consideration. My candid fear is that I hope it will not lead to the incubation and propagation of community warlords and sectional forces. The community police will get arms expectedly or will the do the policing with sticks, bows and arrows.

We have held and had various national discourses to address our continued co-existence in time past. With the fault-lines now evident for all to see, the need to address issues of our governance should be attended to expeditiously and with honesty. Restructuring and other niggling concerns should be addressed else anarchy may be enthroned.

Omoyele Sowore has been picked up by DSS supposedly. Clamping down on every voice of dissent will not muffle the call for things to done in a sane manner. You are in power today does not necessitate that you would be in power tomorrow. Ruling party was some years back the main opposition. How many Omoyeles do you wish to go after? Believe me there are many more incubating.

We need to retrace our steps and do things in a morally appealing manner, where all are seen as equal in the eyes of the law. Failure which na CRASH and BURN. May God help us to reach the right decisions.

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