The Church has raised, and is still raising, a generation of very fearful black people, who have been conditioned to adopt only one approach to their most pressing problems … THEY LEAVE IT TO GOD.

Spiritually active… YES!
Mentally active… NO!
Physically active…IT DEPENDS!
(After all, the battle is not physical. Lol)

The standard response from an average black religiously overdosed person to any unfortunate incident is “That’s How God Wants It”. And for every injustice they face, it is “The Will Of God”.

Even if a Pastor slept with the wife of some Christians, the husband will still defend the accused Pastor. FACT?. Because, “Touch Not My Anointed”.

Annointed Ko … Annotated Ni…

No wonder the slave trade lasted for 600 years (Religion made that easy and possible, proofs abound). And no other race have been conquered and enslaved for that long, in the history of mankind.

The way the black man subjugates their entire existence and outsource their spiritual needs to Religious Leaders is a topic worthy of a UN level research. But I can tell you this for free… It all comes down to FEAR…

FEAR is the main reason why we appear to be so religious, yet NOT morally upright.

My Kenyan friend told me something recently. If you go to anywhere in the world, ANYWHERE, the best bet on finding a black person is to attend any Pentecostal church on a Sunday. He concluded “Those Places Are Like Our Foreign Embassies”.

Now we all know this…nothing wrong in serving your choice of God. But doing it with your brain still intact is another thing altogether. Believing that you can practically BUY the favour of any God is plain madness! You only end up poorer, while your religious leaders get richer. And yes, there is something fundamentally wrong in having the richest Pastors in the world in arguably the poorest of countries. How can a Nigerian Pastor be richer than the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury combined? It just doesn’t add up!.

But then, religion always erodes common sense… and replaces it with pure, unadulterated FEAR.

Enter COZA.

If after you heard there’d been a fresh scandal at COZA Church, and you rushed to social media to get the drift from the church members themselves, there is little chance you will see any of them flesh out the matter openly, boldly and candidly enough for you to grasp how the misdemeanors of a Church Leader could have degenerated to so low …
Here is why. FEAR.

Enter CAN.

Naturally, you would expect the Church’s leadership and management to reflect the reality of a corrective, far reaching righteousness in much the same manner that Jesus did and preached. But it does not. The CAN leadership and management as currently constituted is packed with members who would rather take sides and show solidarity with someone accused of rape (allegedly). It is a classic case of a tail wagging the dog!

How, you must wonder, did this come to be, that the reactions of all the Daddy GOs of Nigerian churches concerning the “COZA Issue” can be summed up to zero? These, for lack of better term, “Religious Entrepreneurs” didn’t wait so long and patiently enough before having to respond to Daddy Freeze’s campaign against the payment of Tithe.

The Religious Leaders saw it all unfold before their very eyes, but instead of using their spiritual superiority to save the Church from this drama, they did what they have always taught their congregations to do… They left it to God.

But they didn’t leave the Tithe debate to God…

If you follow the social media debates, you’ll see that as the religious jostling and spiritual shoving began and escalated… especially the video of a certain lady who went down on her knees, raised her hands up to the heavens and began to passionately pray that God should deal with “all enemies of the kingdom of darkness that are trying to bring down the church”. I see her as very deluded, and her actions as very delusional (not to mention very hilarious …because I refuse to see how the accusation of one “Stray Dog” can be equated to an attack on the whole body of Christ, or which particular part of the body of Christ was she referring to?!)

And this exposes how these spiritual schemers worked their indoctrination from the top, all the way down to the bottom. Those religious leaders can read the congregation like a book, noted their weaknesses and then got down to work on their collective psyche. First, a “good” christian does not question authority, least of all a Pastor or Church Elder (even though the Jesus they professed to follow, always questioned the Pharisees). Secondly, as long as he or she keeps church attendance up to date, and faithfully pays their tithes and offerings, everything else will fall into place on its own. Or so they thought … until they found themselves paying rent in their own father’s house!

To now qualify as a “good” christian, you are required to become A WILLING SLAVE IN YOUR FATHER’S HOUSE.

Slavery has evolved.