I sincerely hope I am not the only one that found a strange perspective to the rumoured death of Leah Sharibu, one of the Chibok girls kidnapped by rampaging Boko Haram terrorists few years ago. Last week, social media was greeted with the disturbing news that the young Christian lady, who was sensationally reported to have refused to convert to Islam while in Boko Haram captivity, has finally been killed. Although this is not the first time such rumour would play up in the media but last week seemed the height of it.

While I join the rest of empathetic Nigerians to mourn the sad news if it is true, I just can’t stop finding the whole incident ridiculous. On one hand is Boko Haram peopled by fanatics that believe killing for Allah and forcing fellow humans to worship their god is noble. On the other is a Leah, a young woman of fifteen or sixteen as at when kidnapped who is convinced dying for her god is even nobler.

How more delusional can we aim when we bring up children that are so indoctrinated they are willing to give up their lives for a god? It bewilders me. When are we going to collectively break free from the shackles of religion? By the very concept of God, does it not sound foolish that a worshiper would sacrifice own life to glorify a deity that is supposed to save him/her? Perhaps if an adult chooses this course of action, they could be excused for doing what pleases them as an adult. But a child of barely legal age…?!.

What would Leah or her mother think of the body that superintends her religion, the Christian Association of Nigeria? Same last week, this body rallied round one of their own accused of rape. But they couldn’t negotiate the release of a child languishing in captivity on the basis of the faith they all share. They could not secure her rescue through diplomacy or miracle.

The concept of martyrdom is one that would always beat me. Even Jesus was assured of resurrection on the third day before he died for the sins of human beings. The Bible has a fine recollection of how he tried to still haggle his way out of an impending death billed to last for three days. So if Jesus son of God and god himself was this reluctant to lay down his life, who are the people encouraging martyrdom?

Look at the Shiite protest that also turned violent in the capital city of Nigeria last week. Has life become so unprecious that we can afford to march kids into protest for the release of a man of god? Is that how it works? Who are these foreign deities that allow the senseless murder of their own to justify whatever cause? So many questions burning through me, but no answers.

I know religion erodes common sense so I am just going to put it emphatically here. Any religion whose god can not save itself is not worth dying for. When foreign religions were brought to us by the white men centuries ago, this was the argument they advanced. Our gods can not talk, they mocked. Our gods can not defend itself, they ridiculed. So why does Allah allow shiite members to die daily while their Nigerian leader keeps wallowing in gaol? Why is Yahweh unbothered by the death of Leah Sharibu?

Trust the adherents of these religion to turn logic on its head in a bid to once more come to the defense of their imported gods. But while they are at it, I have managed to come up with a poser for them. Adolf Hitler, a mere mortal gassed six million Jews to death on the basis of their faith. What was Yahweh thinking to allow such carnage? To justify his holy name?

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