A day after the unfortunate building collapse in Lagos that resulted in the tragic death of numerous school pupils, I was in a swirl of thoughts. I came to the unassailable conclusion that “the devil and relatives are Nigerian.”

A building identified as not suitable for inhabiting and an impending disaster was left standing. A school allowed to operate from its third floor, resulting in avoidable death of young innocent children. An avoidable calamitous occurrence. Only if some devilish administrator had done the needful.

Some citizens in some part of our country live in fear. Fear that the end can come at any time. They have been left at the mercies of marauding lunatics. The devilish authorities aside from prepared speeches condemning the attacks seem incapacitated or just unwilling to act.

Electioneering has turned to war. A devilish minister promised war on his people, sang war songs on national television and delivered as promised to his people sorrow, tears and blood. Many met their untimely end all in a bid to exercise their franchise.

Failure is being reinforced on all fronts. Elected officials fail to deliver on their first tenure, the argument now is that they have learnt and will deliver if re-elected.

Devilish, crooked beings are re-cycled every electoral season. They have stolen the country silly and are subjugating all with their ill-gotten wealth.

Rather than use our common wealth for developmental purposes, they are channeled to maintain the opulent lifestyle of elected officials. Infrastructures are predominantly obsolete. Schools in decrepit state, hospitals are death houses, power is non-existent and our roads death traps. In all these the devils saddled with these responsibilities care less.

Devilish religious leaders, wolves in sheep clothing have placed a veil between the people and their only solace in a failing society. They prey on the depressed and hopeless, fleecing whatever little they have left.

Devilish elected officials come into power and leave, with the generality worse off. They steal, we know they have stolen and absolutely nothing is done. We rather converge, kowtow to them and continually recycle them into position of prominence.

If indeed the devil and his relatives are not Nigerian, how is this madness being sustained? Reality beckons and shit will hit the fan pretty soon. Excuse my French.

As I write this, there is a breaking news of another building collapse with residents trapped. The collapse is as a result of demolition of an adjoining building by Lagos State Building Control Agency. You be the judge.