Your Excellency,

I hope this letter meets you in sound health. I am particularly elated on your re-election into office for the next four years as an Executive President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Please I will like to deliberately draw your attention to a few facts: first, it is executive president sir, and not military president. I know they are both Presidents sir, but while the latter rules by decrees and orders, the former is guided by a working constitution and rule of law. The second thing, your Excellency, is that it is the Federal Republic of Nigeria and not Northern Nigeria nor Hausa Fulani. Nigeria is Northern Nigeria and Southern Nigeria together. It is not a case of 97% and 5% votes sir. I know our Igbo brethren didn’t learn from the handwriting on the wall that Atiku could not have possibly defeated you, whether the elections were credible or not.

I hope you do not spend much of it in medical vacations outside Nigeria. However, if you must, please spend quality time with your doctors out there in London and when you return, do not revert any decision taken by your deputy. I believe you trust in the integrity of your deputy, allow his decisions at sacking and suspensions remain whenever you return from your many expected vacations.

Speaking of hospitals and treatments sir, I hope the ear infections have been ruthlessly dealt with, because we would love to have you hear our cries for help in the Benue valleys and the Jos’ Plateau. I hope that this time around it would not take over a month and a hundred more corpses before you realize that the Inspector General flaunted your command to relocate temporarily.

Your Excellency sir, what you did in reclaiming the seventeen local governments where Boko Haram hoisted their flags in, is an excerpt from tales of medieval legends that I’ll like to tell my grandkids when they are my current age. However sir, I will like to also add that not only did the Boko Haram menace become history in your last leg, but the marauding Herdsmen militia and armed bandits of Zamfara became history.

Your Excellency sir, I must commend your resolve to leave a legacy of one who fought corruption to a stand still. However sir, I want to advice that if this fight would not start from an investigation into the wealth of Tinubu, Amaechi, Fashola, Akpabio, Okorocha, Babachir Lawal and the others hiding under your party sir.

Please don’t bother using a broom to sweep under the umbrella. Let’s just focus on getting the economy working again. Let’s leave their judgement unto God and pray that they do not repent before Judgement Day so that they will face the supreme judgement.

On the economy sir, please it is becoming boring to continue peddling the rhetorics of how the PDP destroyed the economy for sixteen years and how the global oil price crash has affected the nation’s earning. Please sir, it is time to look beyond oil and gas industry and build sustainable development in the nation’s earning capacity from other means. It is time to see the numbers coming out from the investments in agriculture. At least let’s begin to earn good money from Cocoa, Rubber, Cassava, Oil Palm and Cashew nuts again.

Also, please we need to fix power for our economy to grow. What grows a nation’s GDP is largely the small and medium scale enterprises. Please encourage us by giving us at least 20,000 megawatts on the National Power Grid. Do not bother about what Obasanjo did with the sixteen billion dollars. If you need to spend twice that amount to give us 20,000 megawatts and then increase our power reality from 0-2 hours per day to about 12 hours per day across major cities and towns then we would not mind voting you for a third term.

Please you may need to relieve Mr Fashola of the duties of managing our power. I do not doubt the mental capacity of His Excellency the Honourable Minister, however I believe he needs the relief more. He has his hands full already with the works and housing already. We need our power to work, let us have a technocrat oversee this project.

Now to ministers, I don’t think Fashola is the only one that needs to be relieved of the burden of the office. Your Excellency sir, if you look closely you will notice that some of these ministers don’t deserve to return. Ministries such as that of Finance, Aviation, Transportation, Education, Power, Mines and Steel Development, Science and Technology and the likes should not be for politicans at all.

I would advise that such positions be thrown open to the general public to apply for and after a rigorous and transparent recruitment process the best hands are appointed in these ministries. Forget about the shout for Federal Character, it is a sham sir, and it is not like you strictly followed it in your appointments in the first place. My position is that let us fix the right plugs in the right holes and not focus on fixing according to tribal, political and religious sentiments.

I am sorry sir, but then, I think you need to step down from the position of the minister of petroleum resources, for your integrity sake. The 26 billion dollars contract debacle is still a silent stain on your spotless robe sir. In all honesty there was very little you could do as minister of petroleum, so please allow Ibe Kachikwu the freedom and if you don’t like him because of his smile and big mouth, then you can follow my prescription up there and make it open to applications.

What else is remaining? Yes, let’s talk about the National Assembly sir. I know you must have regretted your reluctance in having a hand on the leadership of the Assembly. I am sure that you would want to do things differently this time around. I advise you do so, however a little caution would be appropriate. Do not be overtly overbearing in how the Assembly politics unfold when the ninth assembly is inaugurated sometimes in June.

What about Saraki? Please ignore him the way you ignored Fayose after he lost out. We need you to focus on governance than vendetta, after all you do not have much time around anymore.

Lastly Mr President, I am an honest Nigerian youth who is not living in your era when everything was given to the youth on a platter. I am not living in the era when good education meant decent life. I grew up hearing stories that before now, youths came out from the University, companies were already lining up to receive them with mouth watering offers. Life was offered to your generation on a platter and that was why with(out) a WAEC certificate, you could easily become governor, PDTF chairman and later military head of state. But today, we have to make our own platter because your generation stole the platter. All I am begging is that you allow us make our platters in peace even if you wouldn’t give us the clay or silver to make it with. We are the Nigeria’s spirit and we would always find our way, please just don’t stifle the economy so tight that you snuff out the creative genius of honest Nigerians trying to create something beautiful out of nothing.

Yours Faithfully,
One of the many that believed in you from 2007-2016.
Kingsley Dominic