If you are opportuned to witness, or partake in, the organised voting process in developed countries, you would agree that the electoral process as practiced in Nigeria is just an elaborate charade.


The ruling class have always given the impression of conducting elections but have NEVER believed in Democracy.
Our politicians simply get into office by SELECTION.


The system’s impact has been evident since the very first “democratic” dispensation in 1979, right through to the last election which also turned out to be an expansive ruse and a process of monumental irrelevance.


In spite of the CHANGE slogan being bandied about by the eventual “winners”, governance will always be business as usual. Whoever believes there will be a REAL CHANGE is a misguided person.


During the 2015 campaign, APC promised to fight corruption, and in 2019 they promised to take the fight to the “Next Level” … that is cynical electioneering. We had, and still have, politicians who have always being passengers in the government’s Gravy Train and hence can not change their ways.


Let’s face it, the system encourages them to care less about the citizens but more about the allocation of money. The real tragedy of it all is that there are well-meaning, very qualified Nigerians who could make decent President/Governors/Senators/Ministers because they genuinely care about the masses, and ultimately see their bestowed official positions as opportunities to make positive contributions towards the development of Nigeria … but such people would never even win in the typical Nigerian electoral party primaries.


Posterity will judge everyone.