It’s amazing to see that the 2 parties that refused to participate in the presidential debate as well as dialogue with the Nigerian populace had the highest votes.

So what was the debate, big grammar and social media poll all about?

The good news is we will not have PMB contest in 2023 and his 11 million faithful voters will have to look for new politicians to elect. The road to 2023 starts now.

I therefore call on Fela, Kingsley, Sowore and all progressive thinking Nigerians to come together now. Not 8 months, 6 months and 4 months to election.

You guys have tried. It was not an easy task. I’m proud of you guys. But it was not meant to be a sprint. But rather a marathon.

Southerners, go and get your voter’s cards. Especially my brothers who burnt their cards.

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