A vote against Buhari in February is a vote for his freedom.

Voting against President Mohammadu Buhari in the next month’s presidential election is not a vote for Atiku Abubakar, Omoyele Sowore, Oby Ezekwesily or any of the over 70 presidential candidates hoping to replace him. Voting against Buhari is a vote for his freedom. President Buhari needs to go and rest, enjoy the company of his children and grandchildren and wait patiently for the day that Providence will usher him to the next level.

If you watched the president on Nigeria Television Authority, NTA’s ‘The candidates’ the other day, you will understand that those still propping up the president for another term of four years are vultures simply waiting to ravage the country that they have been feeding on since 2015. And if as a Nigerian you weren’t embarrassed by the president’s outing during that interview and his disastrous campaign rallies, then the patients might have taken over the pharmacy.

Footages that circulated on social media showed the president handing over a gubernatorial flag of the All Progressive Congress, APC, his party, to Great Ogboru. The problem is not that the president handed over the flag to Ogboru. He referred to him as ‘the presidential candidate of our party’. And when the president was corrected, he referred to Ogboru as the ‘senatorial candidate’ before being corrected again.

In Kogi, the president was seen collapsing and had to be held by his aides. In Kaduna, the president was seen collapsing into a chair. President Buhari is not just unaware. Old age is taking tolls on him and he needs to be freed.

The truth is, there is nothing that president Buhari exhibits now that is new. His emptiness and lack of understanding of Nigeria’s critical issues have always been there, beaming red from the onset. That is why some people made it their lifetime job to shield the president from public scrutiny, press conferences and live address of citizens but seeing that such an approach was working against them, they swallowed shame and allowed Nigerians to see what the man who presides over their affairs thinks like.

It is a national disaster. No moderate word better suits the president’s outing during that interview than ‘disaster’ which also showed on the faces of the persons who accompanied the president from Aso Rock to the interview venue.

There is nothing alluring about a Buhari’s re-election except the fact that Nigeria will be governed by a set of cabal who only care about their personal aggrandisement. Nigeria will simply slide deeper down the pit with Buhari in charge again.

Yet one cannot completely rule out a possibility of Buhari getting re-elected. It is who we are. We keep sliding to the edge of the cliff and lowering the bar at every turn but as Ajibola M Salami said, there is no bar at all. A country gets the kind of leadership it deserves. We deserve Buhari but does he deserves us?

Nigerians need to free President Buhari from the evil machinations holding him hostage. That is important but Nigerians also need to free themselves from the shackles of political ignorance and ignorance of what a good society looks like.

Nigeria is being run aground by a set of faceless persons. These set of people are the same persons that the wife of the president called hyenas and jackals. Nigerians will be accomplishing two things by letting Buhari go: rescuing him from the people holding him hostage and giving Nigeria a chance of being under a new set of exploiters that are not as ferocious and dangerous in the way they do things like the APC.

In another development, the Peoples Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar was spotted in the United States after being denied a visa for 13 years.

The former Vice President of Africa’s most populous country travelling to the US was such an achievement that people, not animals lined up at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport to welcome him.

I am waiting for the day Dick Cheney or Joe Bidden will find obtaining a visa to travel to a Nigeria an accomplishment that will warrant people lining up at JFK airport to welcome him.

That is not the interesting part. The interesting part and what this show is that the Nigerian so-called leaders can achieve anything that concerns them personally except finding solutions to the ailments of the country.

Another thing it shows is that Nigerians have been damaged psychologically that they do not see anything wrong in rejoicing over a visa.

We are our own problems