Nigerians! Religious yet ungodly. Attending pilgrimages, revivals, asalatu, vigils, prayer meetings etc. Seeking a breakthrough, protection, prosperity, good health, miracles, and our endless wishlist.

That’s why some religious leaders will charge us for accelerated answers and double double answer to prayers.

Then come Monday, we are the same religious but ungodly people, taking bribe at work before putting someone’s file forward, solicitating for sexual or monetary favours in exchange for a contract, to pass exam, gain employment or promotion.

We pray for a million dollar contract we have not worked or qualify for. Under the definition of miracle money.

We hear testimonies of people given oil blocks worth billions of dollars. And we all get excited and start receiving those type of testimonies in our lives without asking or investigating what transpired behind the oil block deal. And if that’s how God really operates.

All Nigeria needs to be better if all Nigerians practice their faith for 1 day a week. Meaning, they will turn up at work on time, obey the traffic rules on their way to work. Refuse to bribe any police or agbero on their way to work. Also speak out against all injustices. Give to the needy. Wear a smile and greet everyone they come across.

They do their work to an excellent standard without asking for favours or tips. Forward and process all files when due without the need for a bribe or a phone call from someone of influence.

Award contracts and employment on merit. Do not abuse their power or their subordinates. Pay bills and salaries when due.

Give fair and just judgement. Not partake in any corruption and blow the whistle on any corruption practices they are aware of.

Treat others as they will love to be treated. And those that provide a service, to do so to a high standard as promised without being supervised.

At the end of that one day, reflect on the number of lives they touched, what they could have done better and thanking God for living a fulfilled day.

Nigeria will not be where it is. And that is just one day a week. Then imagine if it’s the norm.

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