Someone asked me: “Why are pastors not investing in science and technology, instead of competing to build the biggest churches?”

The “Pulpit Hustlers” are business people with smart brains. They are investing and expending their business empires by building the biggest church or churches. Investing in science and technology will affect their business negatively, and no one smart person will invest on what will crash his/her business. The more people are into science and technology, the less religious they become, which ultimately will have negative impact on church business. To them (religious leaders) religion is nothing but a means to an end, and a controlling tool. If the enlightened and liberated people like they should call them out a million times in a day, it won’t change anything because most of them are only able to afford the live they’re living (private jets, exotic cars, and house all over the world and lot more luxuries) through religion.

I think the focus should be more on the followers because, without gullible followers, these people are nothing. The liberated minds should be more focused on educating and enlightening the followers on how to be rational and sensible, making good use of their brains to think. Admittedly, we can’t all be irreligious or atheists but we can encourage a large percentage of followers to use their brains effectively and act reasonably. This is bound to have a positive developmental effect on our communities, because the more reasonable and rational people become the less bigots and fanatics in the society.

Just like the oppressors will not give you power to fight or liberate yourself from their stranglehold, the same way religious leaders will not give you what will make you drift away from religion. When people become well versed in science and technology, they tend to be less superstitious, they become more enlightened, which would definitely have a negative effect on the source of livelihood of the religious leaders. If most of their followers know that most of the illness they tag as “spiritual attacks” are not simply attacks from perceived enemies, and can be cured medically, we all know faith clinics will have less customers or die a natural death.

Take it from me, Religion is a serious business in Nigeria. It is now a quick way to acquire wealth, social and political power for Pulpit Hustlers and their family. More and more religious houses and leaders are emerging everyday with new tactics of milking the masses dry. Religious leaders will keep making fortune from the masses especially Nigerian masses who’s government has failed in every way possible, and who ultimately are forced to believe that the only consolation is religion, plus the hope sold to them by their religious leaders.

What I’m saying in essence is that religious leaders will continue to invest more in churches because that’s their source of revenue. Calling them names and screaming on top of our voices online will do little or nothing. What we can do to change things is to hold our government responsible. The more developed a country is, the less religious they become. If the government provide basic social amenities for her citizens, the less miracle the citizens will be search for and the less control the religious leaders will have over them.

The gullible followers need re-orientation and enlightenment, and the government need to provide for her citizens to put an end to all undue advantages religious leaders are taking. When you hold your government responsible, along the line the over-dependence on religion will reduce. But rather unfortunately for most people, they only find solace in religion and their religious leaders because the government has failed them in every ways possible.