I don’t know when my Oga will let this fly but I guess happy new year is very much in order. So happy new year, uh? But I’m curious, how many of such wishes embedded in beautiful grammatical constructions have you receive via text messages ? How many dropped via your facebook messenger? And do you have an inkling how many was sent to you on that notorious social platform called WhatsApp?

You must be wondering where I am going with the inquisitive queries. Not very far. I woke up to a deluge of messages on all the social platforms I belong on January 1st and as I scrolled through I caught myself replying few and ignoring many. I caught myself wondering what the urge to send insincere wishes is about on days like the first of a new year or even of a new month. I realised the few messages I acknowledged wasn’t determined by the status of the sender but the brevity and originality of the message. I don’t know how to reply 200 messages that was forwarded to 200 different people. It somehow doesn’t look for me.

Maybe I am the one that doesn’t function like an average person should, but honestly I feel that people just observe these New Year wishes rituals perfunctorily. It rarely means jack shit to them. Just a boring routine. One bimbo wakes up to a New Year text from another and forwards it to all the 300 unfortunate contacts on her WhatsApp list. What is the motive? She can’t define. If you sincerely want to wish someone a happy New Year, shouldn’t the content of the message be tailored to suit your desire for them? Some people are even so crazy about this charade that it is like a competition for them. As soon as they spot a new version of Happy New Year message, they don’t bat an eyelid before punishing their contact list. They may end up sending six versions before the New Year week runs out.

I don’t claim to know the factor motivating this brand of irresponsibility and nonsense of immeasurable proportion but I’d wager it is similar reason that takes many people to the church on New year eve. They feel a need to be in the presence of the Lord as they enter the new year but they can’t define this need. They can’t justify the need. Some would get up from the nakedness of a woman they are not married to and rush into the house of God just minutes before 12am. They don’t even know what the fuck they are doing. All they know is, it is a ritual. Everybody is doing it. I don’t want to be left out. The year before the last, I remember how about 90 percent of us at this popular hangout left debauchery to run into the church around past 11pm. The devil has never been prouder!

This is how we’ve bred religious people without an atom of spirituality in their lives. This is how we create people with useless list of new year resolutions without the faintest well thought out strategic plans on how to achieve the resolutions. This is how our people merely exist without living.

We do what others do without knowing or caring why.

But if you ask me, methinks that’s not what you should be in the New Year. If you’re not purposeful and deliberate about your actions this time, your new year wishes are just simply what they are. Mere wishes!

Again let me quickly ask; how many New Year messages have you received across social platforms already? How many have you sent?

Never mind. Your answer has no bearing on what the New year shall hold for you.

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