It’s election time again. A large number of Nigerians are saying PDP was in power for 16years at a time when Oil price was booming. Therefore, it’s unfair for APC to be voted out after just four years; that three and a half years is not enough to set a foundation and APC should be given the ticket to complete what they started. Hmmmmmm (exhaled)

The election is done every four years for a reason. Voting APC on the ground the PDP did 16 years is wrong. To be honest, PDP’s first four years under Obasanjo was good compared to the military government that handed over power. Since then, the next government had performed worse than its predecessor.

For me, APC has failed us mainly due to their analogue ways of thinking, lack of transparency, nepotism, most importantly, everything they promised prior to winning the election, they have failed to deliver. Judging them based on their 2015 election Change Manifesto, below are the results.
On security – Failed.
Economy – Failed.
Eradication of Boko Haram – Failed.
Fighting corruption – Failed.
Health – Failed.
Education – Failed.
Infrastructure – Below projection.
Electricity – Below projection.
Human rights – Failed.
Freedom of speech – Failed.
Tourism – Failed.
Foreign investment – Failed.
Public Welfare – Failed.
Eradication of Fuel subsidy – Failed.
Employment – Total failure.
Naira value appreciation promise – Complete failure.
Inclusive government – Failed.

I, therefore, doubt their 2019 Next Level Manifesto.

On the other hand, voting the specialist in looting (PDP) is not the answer. They have failed us before; the party has not been revamped with new faces nor ideologies. It’s still the same old experienced looters. They will sell all the country’s assets, oil wells, refineries etc. within themselves, and keep these loots in Europe, Dubai and America. Not even within the country where SMEs can borrow from them to increase our productivity and grow the country’s economy.

We need new heads and new ideologies. It’s only a fool that keeps doing the same thing, hoping for a different result.

Please look at the option AAC offers. Yes! Sowore! You may think they are a new party, lacking inexperienced and capacity. But guess what? AAC is the fastest growing party in Nigeria. APC & PDP know these guys are the answer. That is why both parties connived together to ensure AAC was not included in the recent public debate despite getting the 3rd highest vote to be in the list out of over 60 parties.

They are already threatened. Knowing that if Nigerians are given a platform to compare between black and white, light and darkness, Nigerians are smart enough to see the difference. And Nigerians will vote themselves out of darkness.

The 2019 election will be interesting, and the results will be very unpredictable.

I, therefore, call on the media houses and all journalist to be fair, to give a balanced opinion and allow Nigerians to make the right decision.

It is obvious right now that the UK made a wrong Brexit decision based on misinformation given by politicians and the media. Using immigration and money paid to EU to emotionally get Britons to vote to leave. Ignoring all the benefits that supersede these. A big error Britons unborn and generations to come will pay for.

Nigeria can’t afford to get it wrong in 2019. Let’s all play our roles in the interest of the populace and not the politicians.