Like every other Nigerian, I jumped for joy upon hearing of the imminent end to Goodluck jonathan’s tenure, after our current leader President Buhari had won the 2015 election with a large margin.

However,little did we know that this current government was going to be a direct replay of the past administration, and things would get even worse .We were deceived by the numerous and juicy promises made by this current government. For example, the fight against corruption and abuse of office was made the core of this administration’s agenda .

Till date, the only people who have been brought to face the law has been members of the opposition in People Democratic Party[PDP]. This has been seen as a war against the PDP and not the initially proposed war for the people’s needs.

More than ever before, our national debts has skyrocketed to the extent that we can now boast as not only the giant of Africa in population and size, but as one with a mammoth sum of 22 trillion naira in debts. The past government had left us with a debt of about 11 trillion naira and our current All progressive congress [APC] government has done the worse by doubling up that tragic figure.

According to the bureau of statistics,the level of poverty in Nigeria has grown like a crop nourished with fertilizers. In 2016, about 75million Nigerians were under the chains of poverty. But as at today we now have about 100 million people living in poverty. This statistics can only point to the fact that Nigeria had experienced total economic failure under this current administration, inflation has been the order of the day, small and medium scale enterprises have been sent packing by the discouraging business policies set up by this APC government. This developments have been debunked and referred to as a global economic fallout by different APC chieftains, and yet we see that the poverty level in India has fallen from about 130 million to 60 million within that same period of data collection.

One particular person I’ll love to point fingers at for feeding Nigerians with terrible lies is the m
Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, whose name is a synonym for lies and propaganda. This particular minister has always spoken the direct opposite of what this government has been doing for the past three and half years , from the president’s questionable WAEC certificate to several charges of corruption involving many APC members in government.

Upon coming into administration, this government promised not to spare anybody who is caught by the law, in words and in action, and so far so good Minister Lai Mohammed has only been fulfilling those promises by attacking and blaming the past government for our current misfortunes.

Looking into President Buhari’s famous traveling habits, for the first time in the history of our dear nation, we have spent a huge sum of money on presidential trips and till today we have no positive results for whatsoever the reason our president chose to gallivant all over different countries and continents leaving the big nation in the hands of fate. Again, I can remember him promising that no top government official would be tempted into travelling abroad for medical care because we were going to meet the international standards of health care. Someway somehow, he fashioned a way to quietly receive medical care in London after our lying minister of information claimed he got ill while abroad. This same president flew his son abroad after he was involved in a silly motor bike accident of his own doing.

A cursory look at our national budget during this regrettable government, according to the current national budget, every Nigerian students in any public primary and secondary tertiary institution is entitled to #7,756 only, while as an almighty Legislator you earn in the region of #266,524,520. In comparison, the fact that #605billion [for about 120 million students] is being spent on education, while #125billion is spent on just 469 legislators who on the average show up for about 50-60% of the yearly seating at the national assembly.

Now, let’s ask ourselves how a government has lead us into financial freedom and economic breakthrough if same government keeps spending such a huge sum of cash on irrelevancies.

This brings me to a conclusion that this government is a terrible joke no one should take lightly. We have been neglected by President Buhari’s government ,we should be sending them out of office, because we voted them in and we deserve better as Nigerians. If one thing has kept failing for the past three and half years then we can only point out our weak and poverty streaked fingers at this lazy, annoying and self proclaimed righteous government under President Buhari.

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