I am officially sick and tired of all the silly adverts and claims of miracle workers and tele evangelists! You call 1 million Nigerians together in one auditorium, you ask EVERY SINGLE one of them to “sow seeds” and you bring 3 or 4 people on stage to demonstrate the miraculous results of your interventions.

I don’t begrudge you your quick harvest of humongous “fruits” and “seed” without sowing anything in anybody’s pocket. What I can’t stand is the permanent confinement of your miracles to television screens! Please come out of the silver screens and perform miracles on hospital wards, on live patients with verifiable and documented medical diagnoses!

There are 550 beds in UCH, Ibadan, every single one occupied by live patients in agony. There are many more in LUTH, LASUTH, AKTH, UPTH, UNNTH etc etc., live, suffering patients whose doctors and nurses and hundreds of other support staff work their asses off day and night, every day to keep them alive and well.

You have to be completely demonic to keep your miracles confined to the TV while these millions of patients continue to suffer and their carers labour!

So dear suit wearing, gulfstream riding televangelist, chose a month in a year, this year or next, come to UCH, visit the wards one by one and bring forth the miraculous healing. Start from the cancer wards, move to palliative care ward, then on to the organ failure wards and to the surgical wards.

Don’t worry about the logistics and ethical clearance. They can be sorted out. Your procedure is non invasive. It’s usually prayers and laying of hands, no?

God bless you as you take up this challenge and bring miraculous healing to patients and relief to their careers.