They are all over Facebook spreading their satanic views all over cyberspace everyday. They will not let somebody rest. Is it their God? Is it their religion? Is that how we used to disturb them when we were the only dominant group? Okay, there is a church and a mosque for every few houses and they all use loudspeakers that make a lot noise. But it’s only on Fridays and Sundays na. Well, except for the daily call to prayers five times a day and the occasional neighborhood asalatu where there is a live Muslim band, with the imam preaching and his echo guy repeating every sentence after him, both of them with microphones. But that’s not too much na. Besides, the call to prayers at dawn shouldn’t be disturbing anybody na. Every responsible person should be awake at 5am. Besides, alarm clocks are too expensive and not every home can afford one. Besides, if the call to prayer isn’t done with Ahuja loudspeakers, it defeats the whole essence of the instructions left by the prophet 1500 years ago. Besides, what else is worth making noise about but a venture that leads to everlasting joy in Paradise. Atheists see this as noise because they are infidels. They are children of fire. No wonder they can’t appreciate the beauty in the call to prayers at dawn.

And the churches? What noise do they make? Fine, agreed that there is one in every residential area and some of them share fences with peoples homes. Yes, those homes have no idea of the blessings that comes with being located beside a church. And the noise is only on Sundays. Except when there is a night vigil. Which is not everyday. Well, maybe some churches have night vigils every day. But these ones are not true churches. They are mushroom churches. But then one may not blame the mushroom churches too much. In this recession, Nigeria needs a lot of prayers. And if you are at home, resisting the impulse of the holy spirit to come to church, the voice of the choir, praising the king of kings, carried over several kilometers through the loudspeakers will get to you and ginger you to come to church. You are the target of the holy spirit. The other neighbours who are being disturbed by the noise are just collateral damage. The holy spirit will find a way of compensating and consoling them. What am I even saying? They too need salvation! So the noise is not disturbing them. It’s for the salvation of their souls. Jesus loves them and he would want them to hear the gospel before they die.

Preaching inside the bus? That’s evangelism now. It’s not public nuisance o. You never can tell if that is the only opportunity you will have to hear the gospel and repent. What if the bus has an accident and you die without accepting Christ into your life? Isn’t that hell fire straight? Bus evangelism is important o. If you don’t like it, put earphones in your ears. The other occupants will join in the praise worship and prayers, and may even drop offering for the brother leading the service, to support his ministry. Bus evangelism doesn’t disturb the driver o! In fact, the evangelist prays for God to take the wheel. So you see, it helps the driver. Even himself and his car are covered by the blood of Jesus and all the blood sucking demons on the road are bound, to prevent accident. Ha, bus evangelism is not noise and public nuisance o!

The Jehovah’s witnesses knocking on peoples doors uninvited? That is disturbance? Haba! They are just spreading the gospel of the Lord. And they are not noisy. They are friendly and quiet. And they give great tracts and booklets. Awake and Watch Tower. And they are free. Only that you’ll make some donations, which is optional, but desirable. Those books are educative o! The people setting dogs after them when they enter their compounds uninvited will not make heaven! That’s not how to treat those who spread the gospel of our Lord.

The complete take over of radio and TV stations on Sundays and Fridays by religious groups? Haba! That’s business na. The stations have to make money. Complaining that you can’t watch or listen to any other secular programmes on these days is not fair. How will people hear the gospel and go to heaven? Because of mundane earthly programmes! Science and wildlife documentary? Better go and buy decoder. And Generator. If you can’t afford subscription that’s nobody’s fault. If you had given your life to Christ, you would have been spared by this recession. But then, it is noise that you will be making about God on social media.

But these atheists! Their own is too much. They are all over Facebook, making noise all over cyberspace. God this, God that! What is it sef? Compared to religious people, they are a hell lot of noisemakers. True, Facebook doesn’t have loudspeakers, but their noise is still deafening, if you understand what I mean. They are intolerant and obnoxious. Noise! Noise!! Noise all over social media! Bunch of noise making assholes!

The moral of this post is simple… The very same ills that religious people cry fowl about you’ll find them the most guilty of. This is the hypocrisy in religion, when others do it they should be condemned but when I or those I care about do it, they should be excused. Even Jesus chastised the pharisees who he knew to hold such two faced identities in his time. Not to mention that their eagerness to judge and condemn the action of others is direct contradiction of the gospel.

‪Its time to carry out a wholesome review of your associations. If people only accept you because you have the same religious views or support the same doctrines, they are NOT your genuine acquaintances…you just happen to be in the same cult. Any relationship that is based on agreeing with someone 100% is not healthy. True respect stems from understanding your right to disagree and your right to be different. Period.‬