I read this somewhere “Christianity left Israel as a RELATIONSHIP … Got to Rome & became a RELIGION … Traveled to England & became POLITICS … Then finally arrived Africa where it became a BUSINESS ~FRZ

Like everything left to the devices of Men, it gets tainted, over time. The original idea of Christianity has been bastardized in Nigeria, to a very large extent. Its now the fastest growing money-making business venture, amidst abject, degrading poverty. This is WHY the Richest Pastors in the world are from the Poorest countries…

If you have affinity for “Sowing Of Seeds”, perhaps your calling is Farming. By all means, start a large scale farming venture, NOT A CHURCH!!! Perplexingly, there’s now a “Seed” for everything. Just imaging anything you desire from God, anything imaginable, there’s a corresponding seed to be sown for it. Or else…

Our level of debilitating poverty has now infected our outlook of life itself. We now regard a “Man Of God” as genuine, mostly by the size of his congregation, the way he dresses, the number of Private jets & Mansion he has etc …whereas the truly anointed Pastor with a tiny congregation is regard as an outright failure. IGNORING THE FACT THAT JESUS & THE FIRST APOSTLES LEFT NO EARTHLY POSSESIONS.

And the generalized Doctrine that having Jesus in your life guarantees a life of luxury. Oh Really???!!! Listen, Christ is not an immunity against life’s troubles. It is often said that a life without Christ is full of crisis. When people make this kind of statement, they probably mean to say that a life with Christ is free of crisis.

When people talk to you and make this kind of statement, you should ask them to tell you how the disciples of Jesus died. These were the people who first received Christ.

  • Peter was crucified.
  • Paul was beheaded.
  • Andrew was crucified.
  • Thomas was killed by spears from Soldiers.
  • Phillip was killed by a Roman proconsul in retaliation for converting his wife.
  • Matthew was killed in Ethiopia
  • Bartholomew was killed
  • Stephen was stoned to death
  • James was stoned and then clubbed to death
  • Simon the Zealot was killed
  • Matthais was burnt to death
  • Mark died in Egypt after being dragged by horses until he died.
  • James, the leader of the church in Jerusalem, was thrown over a hundred feet down from the southeast pinnacle of the Temple. When they discovered that he survived the fall, the people beat him to death.

John was probably the only person who died of old age and that was after he escaped unhurt after being thrown into boiling oil.

Christ doesn’t immune you from the problems of the world. When Hurricane Katrina showed up in New Orleans, it did not separate Christians from the rest.