I traveled recently with two orthopedic surgeons. One of them had a patient with a lower limb fracture. Surgery was scheduled and fracture fixed with metal plates and screws.

The doctor told the patient that he could not bear weight on those limbs yet until the doctors say otherwise.

Barely a few days after, patient was at a crusade, and pastor was shouting and goading: man of faith, stand up and walk! Jump up! You’re healed in Jesus name.

My dear people of God. Close your mouth. There’s no need to allow flies to enter your mouth because I’m giving you gist.

So, where were we? Yes, the man with fresh fracture, post surgery heeded the call of faith and jumped up. And yes, the plates and screws broke into several pieces, the patient’s frame collapsed like a poorly constructed scaffold being used to construct a skyscraper. Bones in complete disarray.

He came back with a ready made lie. But the truth was written in bones, and was soon revealed. Of course, he didn’t have money for a repeat surgery and just wanted the bone fragments wrapped in POP.

The last his doctors heard, he has been wheel chair bound till date. Muscles have atrophied.

That is just one out of the many they see from time to time, the surgeons assured me.

If den dey deceive you, don’t deceive yourself. Your life and limbs are important to you. Don’t let charlatans ruin both for you.

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