Some celibate religious leaders from you-know-which church have been getting accused of sexually assaulting children. First it was one country in Europe. Then another. And another. Soon, these white robed criminals began to be identified in droves on several continents.

And the systematic cover up, ehn? Totally out of this world. Priests would cover other priests. Monsignors would cover junior priests. Bishops, Archbishops, cardinals and up the chain of command, wove and continue to weave an elaborate web of a conspiracy of silence and cover up, an omerta of some sort.

In the end, when the Holy Father couldn’t deny any longer that he had been hearing reports and he too had been part of that grand conspiracy of silence, he would come out with a well scripted papal speech, with the right amount of faux holiness, dramatic empathy and half hearted promise of a better future. And the noise would die down, and the child molesters would be offered a job somewhere in Rome, where the hands of justice can’t reach. And the racket continues. Pittsburgh is the latest example.

I was having this conversation with my boss the other day and she thought cases of child sexual abuse by priests would reduce significantly if they were allowed to marry.

I disagree. A goat would still be a goat, even if you allowed it to marry forty goats.

A few cardinals need to be made example of. Very long prison sentences are needed. What is good for secular goats is also good for religious goats.