The pain that comes with child birth cannot be wished away. The excruciating pain of labour is forgotten by the mother however, once the child is born. Such was the joy in 2015 at the birth of the APC administration.

Majority yearned for a fresh start in 2015. Change was needed and was presented. The broom was coming to sanitize the Augean stable.

The change mantra was sold and we purchased it with our votes and rightly expected to get value for our considerations. What we have been served and still receiving is far from value anticipated.

A man of integrity came on board, an anti-corruption crusader. He gave the now infamous “I belong to no one…” rhetoric. His body language alone was said to be sending out the right messages. No longer business as usual.

The captain ran solo for months. We were told the best hands needed to be gotten as the task was Herculean. Eventually the crew was assembled leaving much to be desired. Optimism was still very high.

As events unfolded, we discovered we purchased a defective item. And unfortunately in this clime the recall process is never an option. Optimism has since given way to apathy and despondency.

Never in our history have we had leaders that are far removed from the people. We yearn to be spoken to and comforted. Our every yearning is seen as coming from the corrupt lot. Demands for good governance is termed as corruption fighting back.

Excuses were proffered for ineffectiveness of government. Blame it on Jonathan mantra ruled the airwaves, and was put on replay again and again. A car cannot be driven effectively with eyes firmly on the rear view mirrors.

Rightly, a problem identified should be a problem half solved. Rather than putting in the required work at the task at hand the blame game persisted.

Scandals came and flew away. The populace merely seen as inconsequential bystanders. SGF (Babachir Lawal) grasscutter debacle, pension thief Abdulrashid Maina reinstatement and subsequent disappearance, many allegations against Abba Kyari (Chief of Staff), Kachikwu-Baru-Buhari $25Bn NNPC saga, all came and received lame responses at best from the authorities.

The economy is in tatters. Massive borrowings without commiserate infrastructural upgrade. Decaying, dilapidated structure string the nation from North to South, East to West. Millions of job losses. Our nation earning the ignoble title of the world’s poverty capital.

Insecurity persist. Dapchi girls have been added to the Chibok ones. Aid workers are now abducted and slaughtered. Herdsmen still reeking havoc without let or hindrance.

The season of political purchases is before us. The merchants are displaying their wares. There is hunger in the land, very many hungry and angry folks abound. The anger should be rightly channeled. Hasty purchases can prove to be very costly.

Clear and rational thoughts should be exercised before we make purchases this time around. Items should be carefully scrutinized for defects. The defective item we bought in 2015 with our votes is still costing us massively emotionally, physically and even spiritually.

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