It is not sustainable to continue to build a society whose foundation is social injustice, extreme poverty and hunger… where young people are only useful as tools, and fed with crumbs.

Many African countries are sitting on a keg of gun powder because one day, these young people who have suffered from these extreme inequalities will set the whole place on fire.

You probably think they are not looking at you. Of course they are because they are not blind. You steal their money and feed on their commonwealth. They know that you don’t have a verifiable source of income other than being in politics but you live large and ride in the best cars while they live in squalor and poverty.

It may take time but there’s so much people can bear when it comes to social injustice. Can’t you all feel the anger in the land? People are hungry and suffering. Many more people die from Malaria than from all the wars going on in the world. If you’re sick in Nigeria, all you can do is pray to God because there may be power cut while Doctors are performing surgery on you.

Why should it sound normal that the President and other politicians go to London for medical treatment when majority of our people are dying from avoidable causes? Don’t you think something is wrong when Nigeria’s Minister of health says that Medical Doctors should he farmers? Yes, it is good to farm but we need Doctors to work in the hospitals and not on the farms. People should be enraged. Maybe not yet but soon.

Believe it or not, it’s a matter of time and Africa will be in flames. The rich will be eaten or blown up by the poor for there can never be peace for as long as a young person wakes up on the continent without a purpose or goes to bed hungry.

A hungry man is an angry man. As they say in the land of my fathers, everyday is for the thief but one day is for the owner of the house.

We are sitting on a Time Bomb.