The rise, crash and burn of Akinwunmi Ambode can be likened to the story of king Saul. Saul did not esteem himself and never nursed the ambition of becoming king, the LORD however chose, anointed and made him king over Israel. Ambode an accomplished technocrat, not skilled in political gamesmanship as proven must have not entertained gobernatorial ambitions. He was however also handpicked and anointed governor by the lion of Bourdillon over the people of Lagos. Despite various protestations the lion foisted him on the party and on the people.

Saul reigned and the LORD gave him many victories, the people of Israel loved their king. All was well until he got a command from the LORD. The command was simple, go and smite the Amalekites, utterly destroy, spare nothing, not man, animal or things. What did Saul do? He complied but spared the king of the Amalekites and kept the best of their animals. Reason he proffered for keeping the animals was to offer a befitting sacrifice to the LORD. Noble as it sounded, he disobeyed. He was to learn that obedience is better than sacrifice and to hearken than the fats of rams.

The LORD repenteth of making Saul king. Ambode came in, flourished and was the poster boy of the party. He was used to demystify the achievements of his immediate predecessor. He was celebrated as the epitome of performance, even when filth had overtaken the metropolis. But alas something happened, we are yet to know what tepid waters passed under the bridge and threw a spanner in the bromance of the lion and it’s cub. To obey is obviously better than to be seen to be performing. A falling out occurred and the lion repenteth of making Ambode governor.

Ambode ran and sought audience with party stalwarts to mediate. The centre was consulted and tried to interfere. The party’s gobernatorial primary was postponed and postponed, it eventually held. Ambode was roundly beaten. The party’s national working committee huffed and puffed, announced the cancellation of the primary results. The lion roared and they had to do a voltface and the cancellation was cancelled and the results upheld. The centre obviously needs the lion more than the lion needs it. Ambode dared the lion and is living to regret it.

Ambode was naive and from the word go was fighting a lost cause. He performed political harakiri when he held the inglorious world press conference. Saul in desperation grab and tore Samuel’s skirt. And Samuel told him the LORD has rent the kingdom of Israel from him. Ambode, with the world press conference declared war on the lion and the establishment and the governorship was rent from him.

He has pledged to support the newly anointed governor in waiting. The way he was left in the lurch by all brings to question his leadership dexterity. We pray he is able to finish his tenure and salvage some dignity. The drama is still unfolding. Ambode was a performer but not a good party man and the lion is indeed very powerful.