Majority of the Religiously-overdosed people hoping to spend eternity with God in Heaven are the type of people God can not even spend a minute with.

To this day, we speak about the “Good Samaritan”. That man was not even Religious, but he was Godly. He stopped to help an injured traveller that has previously been ignored by “Church Goers” who appeared to be in a hurry to get to Church on time.

Personally, just like Jesus, I have zero regard for overly religious people. They think that defending their chosen Religion is more important than the purpose of Religion. That’s WHY some are willing to kill others to defend their Religion!

I have read the Bible. I have read the Koran. I have read other books. I have read some from a scholarly perspective and some from an adherent perspective.

My take on Religion is simple. It must make you a Better Person. It must make you a contributor to the society you live. It must teach you tolerance and acceptance of others. It must imbibe you with values. It must teach you restraint and an understanding that you will die, eventually. It must teach you that life is sacred. And finally, it is to be lived as a way of life.

I do not care for titles: Pastor, Bishop, Daddy GO, Sheikh, Imam, Alfa or whatever. I only care for what you represent in your speech and behaviour. That is my simple understanding.

Conclusively, I submit that ALL Religion is man-made (God Has No Religion). No one is born with a Religion, hence, it can NOT be inherited. Infact, at the time of creation, Adam & Eve had no Religious leanings. None at all.. Your Religion is just a Label.

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