People think devil worshiping involves going into a dark building at 2am, chanting spooky praises, half naked and drinking human blood (as depicted in those Herbert Ogunde movies). No. This thing comes in many forms.

*The fire engine operator who drives his machine to a building that is on fire, WITHOUT WATER … that is a devil worshiper.*The Policemen that came to arrest local residents in the morning after Armed Robbers raided the whole area the previous night … devil worshippers.

*The Government who pays 18,000 naira as Minimum Wage, & still owe Workers salary … devil worshipers.

*A President who goes for treatment abroad while Government Hospitals dont have Paracetamol … a very senior devil worshiper.

*A man who fills the table with beer and shares pictures on social media, while his mother is being threatened over unpaid debts … actually devil worshiping.

*A lady who writes a message, “I miss you baby, can’t wait to see you again my one & only”, then sends it to 7 different men today … she is not just a devil worshiper, but the devil’s first cousin.

You see, I understand that Nigeria is a difficult country to lead. That’s why we shouldn’t have entrusted our nation in the hands of a Man who has failed us before, and is not willing to change. It clearly shows that we have a short memory, or we just refused to ever learn. Well, we just have to accept our collective fate as PMB continues ruining the country. Sorry, I meant to say running the country (same difference). And now that election is just a couple of months away, he’s finally talking about solving our ‘Inprastructural Ineppiciencies’. But that’s rather a case of “Too Little, Too Late”.

I really REALLY like PMB as a person, but for me, I always remember this: “I Pledge To Nigeria My Country”. It’s really that simple. My allegiance is to the Country, NOT to the Government (except the latter is performing). Because Governments come & go, but Nigeria will always remain Nigeria … And I have friends (PMB Supporters) whom I refuse to argue with even if I believe they are completely incorrect in their thinking and facts. I know that it will do no good so I just let everything go. But since I really try, (no matter how remote I keep myself from people with blind patriotism) to keep a grip on reality, it seemed obvious how the supposedly government drive of providing infrastructure will have little impact on most citizens no matter what Fantasyland they may live in.

I’m not the only one who feels that’s the case, so do those who are in power. Its like you are very very hungry as a result of not eating for several days…in fact, you are starving to the point of having “Hallucinations”… and you are also flat broke. Then God finally heard your prayers and sent an “Helper” to your rescue, who took you to your favourite restaurant. On the Menu there was Eba, Amala & Pounded Yam … Egusi, Ewedu & Okro Soup … Jollof Rice Fried Rice & Ofada Rice … Fish, Chicken & Assorted Meat etc … BUT your “Helper” used all the money with him to buy you a VERY expensive … Ice Cream!!!. Is that a blessing or a curse? Will you pray for him, or swear for him? You asked him why he decided to buy Ice Cream … He said bcos you’ve always said in the past that you LOVE Ice Cream so much… (is that one a Helper?!)

To make matters worse, Nigeria now looks like a “One Tribe Government”. I wish, as black people, we can realize that it is possible to make our governments work for all the people, that every tribe, every ethnicity, every religion, youth, women, has something to offer. But in every way, we behave with an inferiority complex that is appalling. What the last 2 or so years have taught us is what Orwell taught in the 1940s: Some animals are more equal than others.

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