Last time I wrote about Sin as a concept and I did well to come to a logical conclusion that it is a concept created to form the perfect alibi for Salvation. Without sin, salvation will be needless. Today I am inspired to explore the concept of Faith. Faith is the most potent tool employed by religion to push the narrative of Salvation. It promotes the belief in your inadequacy as human and the need to believe in a deity for desired result. Your god of men exploit this. No, they actually abuse it.

For the sake of this article and in order not to get ahead of myself I tried to distinguish the difference between Faith and Hope with the aid of my mobile dictionary. What is Faith? What is Hope?

Faith is the strong belief in Super natural power or powers that control human destinies. While Hope is defined as the general feeling that some desire will be fulfilled.

With the above definitions, it is safe to say that the confidence in who we can not see or comprehend is the difference between faith and hope. For while the expectation of a desired result is predicated on a general feeling when you’re hopeful, getting a desired result is hinged on the supernaturalness of a higher power when you exercise faith.

But one distinguishing similarity whether you’re merely hopeful or exercising faith is the unreliability of either when result is desired. Let’s go practical now. Whether you’re hopeful someone will credit your account tomorrow based on an earlier agreement or you have faith someone will, because you have confidence in a higher power, the only thing assured is the uncertainty of having your desired expectation.

But of course it is more sufferable to shift blame from one’s inadequacy to the whims of a higher power when desired expectations don’t come our way. Ironically, the higher power also shirks responsibility by insisting that your inability to get the desired expectation is caused by your insufficient faith. Like there was ever a fucking way to measure such intangibility as faith.

In the same breathe, you’d still be admonished to work for your desired expectation as ‘faith without work is dead’. So what exactly is the role of Faith, a make good effect? The whole back and forth is a thoughtless charade. Faith is the flight of logic which is fair as not everything can be explained or comprehended by logic. But when a deity decides to take credit when a desired expectation comes to pass and shift blame when it doesn’t, I smell fraud.

Do you need faith to be given the Gold medal when you come first in a 100 metre race competition? Think about it!