The origin of Religion is the need for control. Because God has no Religion, and he gave none to Adam & Eve. They, as the first human beings, were dealing DIRECTLY with their maker, without any middle man. That was God’s original plan. But we as humans, although we are given dominion over everything else on earth, its still not enough. We still seek to dominate and control fellow human beings. And the best way to achieve this dominance easily, is to create unnecessary FEAR in others, & then attach God’s name to it.

We all agree that FEAR is the main enabler of Oppression. And the spirit of fear is not from God. Yet, the name of God is the most effective means of instilling fear in people and keeping them in perpetual bondage. I just don’t get it. I mean, why would a God who loves us so much, now become the reason why we should live our lives in oppressive fear under fellow human beings? The whole thing is confusing to those who are incapable of thinking for themselves. But as for me o, I will use my God given brain, because I have a functional AND functioning brain.

Today in most Nigerian Churches, 90% of their teachings are manmade doctrines. I can give several examples, but that’s a topic for another day. In short, just beware of those Men of God that are always saying “Trust & Obey… Submissiveness … Lean not in your own understanding etc. So why did God give us spirit of discernment then?

Once you allow all their manmade doctrines to seep into your psyche, you will even lose your God given identity. But they won’t even stop there o… They will prescribe a dress code for you, tell you what and what not to eat and when and how but not why, they will determine who you marry, tell you what to do with your hard earned money…and that’s just only the beginning of their oppressive control

And just like every manifestation of the spirit of control, FEAR, FEAR, FEAR is the name of the game. Just to control you that you must give them your money, they preach devourer. To control your dress code, they look for selected old testament verses and transfer the fear basis of that to you who is under the new covenant. They will present God to you as someone who will not hesitate to throw you into a flaming fire bcos of money. The word we use to describe the above is BRAINWASHING.

But seriously, majority of churches today will stop at nothing to lord it over how you think, and even control your entire existence. We all know this for a fact, except we want to deceive ourselves. CONTROL is the name of their game as they seek to customise denominational slaves to themselves. They tell you that it is for your own good. HOW?! And in order to monopolize the control they have over your life, they will demonize other denominations and some even spread complete lies against other churches, even on social media, to openly discredit them. In short, the whole thing has become a rat race

Many people have become plain stupid and completely ignorant about Bible and Quran. They have pinned their life and hope and entire existence on their Pastors and Imams, and they will fight and demonize whosoever does not support them. This has been the standard practise and approach for years, in the name of religion, which in actual fact has been a control tool use by the ruling powers to keep their subjects submissive and obedient, and give them hope for a life after so they won’t rebel.

We can not even separate religious from political power anymore. They ae now a two-headed snake. Power starved individuals (religious leaders, politicians) are using religion as a defense for their thoughtless and self-serving use of power, especially in Nigeria where “God of men” (pastors and imams) do everything and anything to grab, grub and unleash dominance on the laity. In fact, some factions tend to use their position as a religious leader as a motivating factor for violence while other factions use their position as a money making mechanism.

The sermons given in most mosque are mostly hatred towards Infidels and a preacher given procedures on how to behead infidels and apostate. While on the other hand the church is mostly on money, money, money (tithes, offerings and seeds). To most Nigerian Pastors and imams religion is nothing than a tool to satisfy their urge for power, control and affluence. So it is no coincidence that in northern part, most especially, most human rights abuses and atrocities are carried out in the name of religion. And in the southern part, we have 10 of the richest pastors IN THE WORLD (according to Forbes)

Lets face it, these Pulpit Hustlers and Jihadists are crafty  oppressors using religion as their tools to manipulate. Selling fake hope and lies to their subjects to keep them gullibly oppressed. so they won’t revolt . They have perfected the act of making you feel you needed them more they need you. It’s a LIE!!! They needed you more  than you will EVER need them. CANT YOU SEE? in all this, we the youths are primary victims. We are the ones used by the Jihadists to carry out their violent act while pulpit hustlers use us to maintain his flamboyant lifestyle.

I say it without any reservations, MOST of our Imams and Pastors are oppressors, thieves, abusers, war and power mongers, rapists, hypocrites, liars, manipulators and smooth talkers … they’re not in anyway close to nobility … and the only reason we the youths are not seeing all these is because we are giving them more credits than they deserve.

Stay woke, Nigeria youth.