Nigeria can be likened to an Ostrich that buries its head in the sand and thinks no one can see it. We wish away and ‘prophetically’ proclaim and declare our mirade of problems non-existent. A figment of the imagination of the politically incorrect and corrupt lot.

Nigeria, a country so abundantly blessed yet so chaotic. A kakistocractic republic. A country with very strong men and women with appalling institutions. The present political arrangement clearly is not working, no silver lining in sight rather very dark ominous signs litter the landscape. From 1999 till date it has been a case of the more things change the more they have remained the same. The masses have repeatedly been raped while a few privileged lot smile and say on our behalf that EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT WITH AND IN NIGERIA.

Today we clock 58. 58 years of ignominious existence. 58 years of maladministration at all levels of governance. A nation with decayed infrastructure, no health care provision for its citizenry, dilapidated public schools and everything bad. Oil producing entity, amongst other resources, vast arable land and abundant human capital albeit improverished. A country of 180 million plus, 79 million thereabout existing on less than $2 a day. In the present circumstance this is even generous seeing as the $2 is being yanked off the hands of most by unresponsiveness and ineptitude of our policy makers and drivers. Yet we say, EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT WITH AND IN NIGERIA.

What unites us is far greater than that which separates us, we are told. Poverty, despondency does not know ethnicity or creed. The people are so improverished that the privileged lot come to us at seasons like this, throw presumed palliatives which ignorantly is gobbled up with bright eyed optimism. After the season and all is done we only hear their sirens blarring when they go past, at times running us off the road as we are yet again left with the short end of the stick. We are left sored up, licking our wounds; but are we ever going to learn. Well, EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT WITH AND IN NIGERIA.

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