Ajibola M. Salami (Convener)

Ajibola Salami is advocate for good governance and religious tolerance. He strongly believes that Africa’s biggest problem is not poverty since many African countries are blessed with natural resources but that our problems emanate from the fact that we somehow abdicated our responsibilities to God to solve our economic problems.

Salami, Through his website, www.ajispeaks.com ,will strongly be advocating for people to be mentally liberated and emancipated from religious bondage that has been inflicted on them by so-called religious leaders.

Salami is a strong advocate of the masses who have been serially abused by both religious and political leaders. Many African leaders have employed the instrumentality of religious blackmail to keep millions of people in extreme poverty while at the same time fleecing them of their hard-earned money.

Salami hopes that through this platform, people will be better educated on their rights and everyone will be held accountable for their actions.

Salami innately believes that African leaders must seek to create a social system as a way to lift millions of suffering Africans from poverty. It is only when we have effective social systems that people can truly experience freedom of thought to experience the true God who don’t send people to hell fire for failing to pay tithes.

Salami is a Nigerian but writes from the UK where he lives with his family.

Martins Itua

Associate Editor

Martins Itua is the Associate Editor. He’s an Author, Publisher, Banker, Businessman, and President & CEO Youth and Women Initiative Africa.

Osborne Iweka

Osborne Iweka

Osborne Iweka is a Qualified Engineer, Banker & Businessman. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT let his gentle, geeky look fool you. He’s an all-round nice guy…until you try to take him for granted.

Ogbeni La

Ogbeni La

Adedayo OlaOluwa Fisayo aka Ogbeni LA, is a natural writer, in the category of those that writes effortlessly, and just for the fun of it. He’s an easygoing, all-round fun guy & serial flirt… very intelligent, ambitious and highly motivated.

Tinuola Oyinlola Asha

Tinuola Oyinlola Asha

Tinuola Oyinlola Asha is blessed with a very VERY sharp wit. She writes effortlessly, with a unique free flowing style that is laced with humour. And she has a sort of volatile temperament that is clearly evident in her writing.

Hannu Afere


Hannu Afere is an author, martial artist and scientist whose work has appeared in Former People, Omenana and other publications.

Presently, he is the Managing Editor of Wow Magazine and the Editor in chief of an Anthology of Contemporary West African Poetry. His debut offering ‘Digital Sigidi’ will be out by the end of this month. He is a devoted student of all things spiritual and arcane. His social media handles are @HannuAfere.