The thing Religion has done to some people ehn, I’ve concluded that they have IQ lower than a Snail’s.

Just yesterday, I put up a post about Religion and Money being Man-Made Control Devices. A friend of mine in Nigeria dropped a response into my inbox, quoting orishirishi Bible Verses … explaining how Christianity is from God and is the best Religion. I went through all stages of emotions reading his misguided response … anger, indifference, and finally, pity.For the benefit of People who, like my friend, are suffering from religious overdose, I’ll like to clarify something here and now. There’s a clear difference between being religious (associating with God through other people’s experiences), and being Spiritual (associating with God through YOUR OWN experience). Being spiritual means having a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with God, and ultimately being Godly. Simple.

On the other hand, being religious is a whole lot of “Boosit” (as my Ibadan Friend would say). Being religious means outsourcing your spiritual needs to other people, when the God you seek ALREADY lives in YOU. Being religious means paying for prayers … and buying anointed Oil/Water from Churches at inflated prices. Being religious means paying tithes and offering simply because you want God to bless you or to rebuke devourers … instead of doing it because God loves a cheerful giver (Has it occurred to you that God is your FATHER, and NOT your Business Partner?)

As a Christian, being religious is doing things Jesus will NOT do. Reminds me of that biblical religious man rushing on his way to church, and as a result could not wait to help the victim of robbery on the road to Samaria. Also reminds me of the religious leaders that reported Jesus to Pontius Pilate.

Being religious reminds me of the American and Western Soldiers having prayer sessions before dropping bombs on defenceless women & children (& they call it fancy names like Collateral Damage) … it reminds me of suicide bombers shouting “Allah Akbar” before detonating their explosive vest in the midst of innocent bystanders (& yet they have delusions of grandeur that virgins await them in Paradise).Anyway you look at it, religion has done more harm than good.***********Peace begins when religion ends.

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