I’m presently reading this book (The Pope’s Daughter, written by winner of Nobel Price in Literature, Dario Fo.)

As usual, I’m just poking my nose around, trying to research on the atrocities that has been committed, and still being committed, by Religious Leaders entrusted with representing God here on earth. Another reason to regard them as human beings that are also prone to error of judgement.

We all know about the very First Pope, Apostle Peter, of whom Jesus proclaimed “On This Rock Will I Build My Church”. Apart from Peter being the closest and most dependable Disciple to Jesus, he ended up denying his Master when it mattered most…and he did that THREE TIMES. Why?! The answer is VERY SIMPLE: Peter Is Human.


Let me share a little history of how the Church metamorphosed into what we have today. In the 16th century, a German Priest and Professor of Theology, Martin Luther, challenged the unbiblical teachings and atrocious practices of the Almighty Catholic Church. He was excommunicated by the Pope, but that didn’t stop him. Luther taught that Salvation, and “Evangelisch”, should be the main thrust of the Church, and this gave birth to the Protestant Reformation cum Evangelical movement and/or ministries we have today. And, by the way, Luther DID NOT amass any wealth or personal fortune whilst doing God’s work. Pope Leo X, who personally signed Luther’s excommunication decree, DID. Go figure…

This is in similarity with the teachings of Jesus Christ, which was very simple and straight forward: “Love Your Fellow Man, & Love Your God”. Nothing complicated. He was NOT engaged in any money spinning shenanigans. He was really spoiling business for the Religious Leaders of his time. THAT WAS WHY THEY HAD HIM CRUCIFIED.

Even nonbelievers agreed that Jesus lived a life worthy of emulation. Same thing can not be said of most of today’s Pastors. Bcos, they’ve overcomplicated and over monetised Christianity. They’re confusing their followers with all sorts of man-made doctrines, just to exploit their vulnerabilities, and thereby generate funds… They should keep it simple, and worthy of emulation, like the Jesus they professed to follow…

Someone very close and dear to me said I stand the risk of being tagged a “Mocker”, and people will pray for God to silence me. Another old friend jokingly called me “Hater”. Unfortunately, we don’t all think alike. Honestly, that is NOT an issue with me. Such thoughts are only entertained by people dominated by FEAR of fellow human beings. And I refuse to believe that a Faithful & Just God will answer such prayers, from people who are trying to silence someone like me who is pointing out what is wrong with how people are commercialising God’s anointing for PERSONAL ENRICHMENT. Jesus didn’t do that, neither did the first Apostles.

Nowadays, almost everything is about money in the house of God, especially in Africa. And things got this bad because our people are too afraid to speak out. Jesus spoke out, at every opportunity. He was even accused of blasphemy, but that didn’t stop Him from exposing the wanton greed and misplaced priorities of the religious leaders of his time.

I’ll conclude with 2 personal examples … Eleven years ago, a ” Man Of God” in Nigeria saw a vision that Death was chasing ME. He requested for a million naira cash, “to lift me up in prayer”, so that God will cancel my impending death. Before the next church service when I was supposed to see him again, I gifted my younger brother EXACTLY ONE MILLION NAIRA (CASH IN HAND), on the morning of his 30th birthday. Then i bought a ticket on the next available flight and returned to London. The man is dead now, though NOT from old age… (May His Soul Rest In Peace). I AM STILL ALIVE. Ok, maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned that I ‘dash’ my brother the money, but I need to make it very clear that I had the cash available then… I just didn’t swallow everything I’m told in Church, without even thinking, EVEN WHEN I’M TOLD MY LIFE IS INVOLVED. After all, the same God who didn’t give us the spirit of fear, already replaced it with the spirit of discernment.Another example… As old as my Mother is, they are still harassing her to bring large sums of money to Church, for one bogus reason or the other. The woman is not working, not engaged in any form of business ventures, not collecting any pension, or rent, or returns on any historic investment (apart from her children)… Yet, she’s not spared.

I’m NOT a stingy person ( If you think I am, please feel free to expose me in the comments section below). Neither am I a “hater” or “mocker”. It’s just that I don’t suffer fools gladly… and I intend to remain that way, for the rest of my life here on earth. Plus I have NO fear of anyone born of a woman. As in, what’s the worst that can happen?! My only fear, however, is fear itself. Bcos FEAR is the purest form of bondage… it enslaves people. And I understand that we all have a choice. You can continue to enjoy your own slavery, if it suits you. As for me, I’m FREE.

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