We’re Told That:Egyptian Beliefs = Mythology.Roman Beliefs = Mythology.Greek Beliefs = Mythology.Yoruba Beliefs = Mythology.


Arabian Beliefs = Truth.Jewish Beliefs = Truth.



If We Ignored The Fact That These “Truths” Were Used As A Tool To Invade Our Lands & To Enslave Us, Then May I Ask WHO Certified Them As “Truths” … ?!. WHY Are These “Truths” Convenient Only To The Invaders??!!. And, After The End Of Slavery, Why Are These “Truths” Not Uniting Us, Bringing Economic Development To Our Lands, & Increasing Our Standard Of Living???!!!

I Know That I May Not Get Any Valid Response To This Post, If At all. That Is Quite Understandable. But What I Refuse To Understand Is WHY Is The FEAR Planted In Our Ancestors Allowed To Grow Into An All-encompassing Monster In Us?. The Answer To This Is Simple: Slavery Has Evolved… From Physical To Mental, & By Extension, Spiritual. Oh Yes, There Is Also Spiritual Slavery!

Today, We Are Proud To Identify As Christians, Muslims Etc… Because These Are The Religions Of Our Slave Masters. If We Had Been Colonised By China, We Will Now Be Claiming To Be Proud Buddhists. And If The Jihadis Had Come From India, Most Of Us Will Now Be Proud Hindus. Take It Or Leave It, We Blacks Are Incapable Of Thinking For Ourselves. We Must Worship Something…& It Must Be Infused With The Culture Of Foreigners…

They Have Freed Us Now.But We Have Not Freed Ourselves…

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