Early Last Week, A Friend Of Mine Visited London (Name Withheld … Bcos He’s A Politician 😀). I Went To Visit Him At His Hotel Briefly, & He Wore A Lovely Zeof Excluzioni Half Shoe.

He Noticed That I Was Fixated On His Feet, But Didn’t Say Anything. When I Was Leaving, I Gave Him Some Gifts, & He Gave Me A sealed Package.

When I Got Home, Amongst The Dry Fish, Dry Pepper, Ground Nut & Ground Egusi Was The Half Shoe He Was Putting On Earlier (We Have Same Feet Size)

The Quality Was Outstanding, & It’s Super Comfortable. Although A Bit Expensive (150,000 Naira) But It Will Last Longer Than 6 Shoes Of 25,000 Naira Each.

So I Decided To Buy Another One Directly & Did Some Online Research. A Similar Silvano Lattanzi Half Shoe Costs $4,800. At Russell & Bromley, It’s £2,000 (1 Million Naira).

This Morning, I Sent Someone To Their Lagos Office (No 34d Awolowo Road Ikoyi Lagos opposite FIiRS. Tel: ‭0818 420 8732‬). He Sent Me All These Photos From Their Showroom.

Apparently, The Shoes Are Handmade. So You Have To Give Them Your Size, Choose A Preferred Design, Pay A 50% Deposit & Come Back In A Week With The Balance Payment For Collection. And When I Mentioned My Friend’s Name To The Sales Girl, I Got A 25,000 Naira Discount!!!

I Hope That Albino Senator “Common Sense” Can Also Be Promoting Things Like This.

I am Proudly NIGERIAN😍…

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